Couple of Fishing Tournament hints!

SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
Don't just fish in winter hunting grounds. Some fish are only available in overworlds or fall hunting etc.. For instance spudfish can only be caught in fall hunting grounds.

Fall Hunting Fish : Gentlefish,Beakfish,Parrotfish,Qbeefish,Toothfish,Spudfish,Bigeye,Wailfish
Winter Hunting Fish : Arcticfish, Icefish, Snowfish

Note that tourney fish can be caught anywhere during tourney.

Other locations...
General Fish : fewbeefish, Mewbeefish, Pigfish, Cowfish, Camerafish
Overworld Fish : Senseifish,Stingfish,Surferfish,Rainbowfish,Torpedofish
Wildlands : piratefish
New Eden : Bigwhale
Questoria : guardianfish

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