Simple Auctioning

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(sorry this is so long)
Some sort of thing like a vending machine but players can choose their price, and other players have an amount of time to choose a higher price than that. The time being set by the placer, as well as the minimum price. I don't know how the retreiving would work after the time is up, for example, if the bidder who won wasn't in the realm, or wasn't online. Note on the time, like a real-life auction, after someone bids, the time limit would reset. To avoid some issues, your cubits wouldn't be removed from your balance untill you go up to the machine after the auction is over, then you would pay however much you bid and the item would be put in your inventory and your cubits would be put in the machine, somewhat like a normal vending machine. Just a preference, I would like it so that if you click on a vending machine while a wrench/screwdriver is selected, it would turn into an auction machine. Another way this could work would be if you put a wrench/screwdriver in the tool slot of a workbench and a vend in a crafting slot to turn it into a auction machine.


  • this would be very useful +1
    i think the item should just be put in the inventory of the highest bidder.
    idk about the crafting recipe, maybe add a couple stainless steel plates, magnets, iron, gizmos, steel gears, or whatever random stuff that the devs love to put in the tech recipes
  • thepurelycheethepurelychee Member
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    cool but can we allow the vends too to not allowed to join the bid if we don't have the enough money to join the auction
  • +1 sounds kool, kinda like ebay bidding
  • GanondalfGanondalf Member
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    I dunno. I can think of one way to exploit this, correct me if I'm wrong. I could bring together two accounts and bid really low and get the item for an unfairly low price. There should be a limit on where you can start and how much you can bid. Say, you must start the bid at 50c and only increase your bid by 50c.

    But, +1

    (edit: The owner of the item being sold should be the one setting the limits.)
  • Lucas The SpiderLucas The Spider U.K, England Member
    -1 Just taking the manual process out of the game, I disagree with Vends too but that's part of life now. If you make everything automated it kills the player-to-player interactions and will do only bad things for the game.
  • I would +1 this if the game's main purpose is trading, but its not so...

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