2.1.07 version - Bugs

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Everything seems to be working fine for me now. I can now enter any mines/realms after updating to the latest, but this is the last issue im having. When someone holla'd, my inventory slot disappear as well as my menu when i hover it. It also make the hollas unable to click and the text color changes.


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    someone just messaged me with that same problem
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    +1 same here, mine is on game startup. (maybe because there was a holla as soon as game loaded) No bottom pocket, meaning it's not there at all to get items from my menu. Top left menu doesn't work at all. Holla faint and can't click. Android s10e latest phone and game update.
  • +1 the Holla seems to break all menus until you run through a door and they all work again. Then someone puts out a Holla and it breaks again. Feel bad for those qbees stuck in an overworld they can't leave.
  • i disabled my chat for i cant be stuck
    so sad
  • For some reason I can't add a picture, but this glitch is incredibly harmful if you have a big amount of cubits. Everything is shifted to the right a bit, which also changes the layout of the Yes and No buttons. This can result in players thinking they pressed "No" but the game registers it as "Yes". Other players please try to be wary of this as I almost accidentally spent 22k doing this myself.
  • They released an update on Google play that fixes it. Thanks Kewberth and Devs!
  • mommyy said:

    They released an update on Google play that fixes it. Thanks Kewberth and Devs!

    Glad to hear! I updated it and it's working fine now. Thanks Sirkew!

    You may close this thread now. ^^
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    Sorry about all the issues, but sometimes you need to take one step back to move 2 steps forward. The whole point of all of this was to make Android more stable, but when we switched from libraries that were crashing new bugs crept in with the switch that were difficult to address quickly and not obvious in our testing as they were very device specific.
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