The Best Realms Of 2020 (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

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As per usual thank you for everyone who entered this year we had some really interesting stuff!
A few notes though:
Over the course of the submission a lot of people were caught building, i want to reiterate that this is supposed to be a celebration of good builds from the previous year. Building in 2021 is considered cheating and everyone who was caught doing so was instantly disqualified. This shouldn't be something we have to point out, it is common sense. If people can't be trusted for fun celebrations like this then we will just stop doing them.
Also we still saw people try to sneak seasonal builds in this year, they again are instantly disqualified, you can't enter a competition build for another competition, and we aren't stupid we do notice.
Also adding something to a build to get it in a category is not going to fly either ( looking at you scenic builds with clanstones with a clan that does not really exist)
Anyone who removed the warp food before we could finalize judging has also lost any chance of being able to win. So don't move them until the results are up!
Finally at the judges discretion some of the categories have been removed or rolled into other categories, this was either due to not enough entries or the quality of the entries not deserving the win. We have stated previously that just because you might be the only submission does not mean you will win. This also goes for the same with categories we have not awarded all 5 positions to as we felt in some instances there were not 5 deciding winners.
All in all though a fantastic effort from everyone! You have a whole year to go out there and build something wonderful so get too it!


1st - The Rabbit Course - Nata Montada 123456789190
2nd - Ice Course - Alvin!
Confusing Forest - CD87

Adventure/Game Realms
1st - Worlds Edge - EZIC007
2nd - Likey's Bomb Game - Likey.
3rd - Lopaikos PDC - Lopaiko
4th - Nata's Bomb Game - Nata Montada 12345678910

Race Tracks
1st - Mountain Raceway - Cats On Venus
2nd - Speed Champions - KristelleB
3rd - The Pain Outside - 0[]xxx[]:::::::::::::>
4th - Space Race - Foxtastic

Scenic Realms
1st - Syreni Insula - KristelleB
2nd - Ashenford City - GrimBike65
3rd - Town Of Cubic - Galantis
4th - Planets - >peppermint<
5th - Abyssal Kingdom - The Dreadful Shark

1st - Barbz Outlet - Emma'
2nd - RDWD Market - Sandd
3rd - K Market - XiioaoKai

Pixel Art
1st - Aloy Pixel Art - Kelpshake
2nd - Mario - PrinceKnight
3rd - Little Mermaid - @madetolove
4th - Pixel Art - Pixie

1st - I Mundo Intimate - Intimate
2nd - Nata's Overworld - Nata Montada 12345678910
3rd - Metropolis - PurpleGem
4th - Kiwi Coral - 0[]xxx[]:::::::::::::>

Workshops/Storage Areas
1st - Cloud Nine - Anguishire
2nd - Sebz Storage - Sebz
3rd - Workshop/Storage - Kaigen
4th - Tetra's Icy Storage - Tetra-1
5th - Pixies Workshop - Pixie


1st - 150,000 cubits + 99x99 Realm Deed
2nd - 100,000 cubits + 99x99 Realm Deed
3rd - 75,000 cubits + 99x99 Realm Deed
4th - 50,000 cubits + 99x99 Realm Deed
5th - 30,000 cubits + 99x99 Realm Deed
(realm deeds may be replaced with the correct cubits to purchase a deed instead)

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