How Mines work with Overworld 2.0

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Those of you who created guides feel free to reproduce this explanation or with your own words in your guides. I just wanted to explain it because it's a bit subtle and people are not getting quite what they expect.

Alright... So the overworld pack has mine stamps. What do they do?

First.. How do mines work. There are currently 16 of each mine type on the server (16 forests, 16 deserts etc.. We plan to bump that up to 32 per mine soon.) These periodically regenerate so they never run out. When you place a mine stamp in your overworld you are basically making a DOORWAY to a public mine. It DOES NOT create a private mine.

Now to make navigation transparent, a single spot will lead to the same mine always. So this way if I jump into a mine and you follow me we end up at the same place, which is natural.

If you place 2 forests in your realm and they BOTH go to the SAME mine.. then the only way to make them go to different forests is to choose a different spot. The spot determines which mine.

Hopefully this clears things up a bit. And all the above is how they're SUPPOSED to work. If you're not seeing that then there may be a bug.


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