Summer Building Contest 2020 (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

Space_FetusSpace_Fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
First of all i would like to say on behalf of me and the other judges a very well done! All of the work was wonderful and we had a great time visiting all your ideal summer location spots, favorite holidays you went on with your family and bucket list locations.
They were all beautiful to explore not to mention looking pretty incredible with /skycam which now allows us to get a much better feel of the whole thing overall which we never used to be able to do!

okay moving onto the winners, unfortunately we cannot upload photos to the forums currently so please visit the social media sites where pictures will be going up shortly.
For anyone wanting to visit our top picks and some runners that didn't quite make the cut you will be able to find these warp foods in the contest realm once they have been set up.


1st - 500k - Agente Freitas - Moomin Valley
2nd - 300k - Happy_cube - Golden Sands
3rd - 150k - o[]xxx[]:::::::::::::> - Ocealora Ravine
4th - 75k - minichick - Perfect Time For Gaming
5th - 50k - UnicornKate - Splash Land Waterpark


  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    My first time seeing these was today. All I can say is wow. It's really incredible what you guys are able to create.
  • WhimsicalFireflyWhimsicalFirefly Member, Retired Moderator
    The event realm is reopened with warp foods to the winners and many of the other build entries. Search Summer 2020 on the lobby bumper and check out the amazing builds everyone made. Don't forget to use /skycam. It will give you a much better view of the overall build!! Congratulations to the winners and great work everyone!! I really enjoyed touring your builds :)
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