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Congratulations to everyone who entered we were overwhelmed with the amount of art and building entries and had a great time viewing them all.
There were so many good entries and so many that were close to winning but unfortunately with a prize pool as small as 5 rams not everyone could win!
For the random ram everyone's who entered either art or building has been entered into a random generator to pull one luck name for the final ram!
Unfortunately due to the forums not allowing me to upload the images you will have to find them on alternate social media!

Art Winners

Happy_cube - A fantastic and realistic art piece
MidnightStorm - A beautiful brushstroke painting

Building Winners

Kurt... - A beautiful flying Ram aircraft city
(a symbol)Madetolove - A wonderful pixel art
The Random Winner


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    The event room has prize machines set up with warp food to the two winning builds and some honorable mentions. Nice work everyone! We enjoyed seeing all of your builds.

    To find the realm, just type Ram Week 2020 in the lobby bumper.
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