The Story Behind Your Qbee's Name



  • mine is very difrent my ign was larrys but all said larry i was tired so i made this acc named i am larrys :v tho it matches with my pet named laryand the snail in spongebox square pants :C
  • I stole my name :P

    Awhile back i was watching a minecraft vid and some random person in the background had the name Farts Of Fury, and all my usernames for games in the past allways had Fury in it some way or another so... I snached it and claimed the name as my own :P
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    My username comes from the scientific term for the subcategory of canine known as the true foxes.

    It becomes fairly obvious what I'm playing at if you even search the name, so try it out sometime!
  • WanderingDarkness sounded adequate to a unique-ish name I was looking for so it all worked out.
  • just thought of cubit, added a T, and replaced the c with a t and the T with a C
  • name f discored and scrathc account of mee, i hate this dum key bord
  • mix of my discord and scratch accounts but my previous cubic castles accounts got lost soo this is the 3rd one henceforth subpez3
  • T e D y said:

    Because bears.

    i also like bear

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    Intimate said:

    It is to remind me to stay close to Jesus even when there is so much that tries to steer me away. Close relationships are part of God’s will for human life. Scripture speaks of intimate relationships between Jesus Christ and the Father, between God and his people, and between various individuals.

    I dedicated my starter realm to Jesus : Jeremiah 17:7-8 -- Just as this verse speaks of trusting in Him, I have a tree by a stream in my realm as a constant reminder.

    bruh that is such dedication to god and jesus like bruuuuuuuuh
  • My answer is a bit serious one. My in-game name SpookyEra, SpookeYT, ReSpooke (so basically Spooke) Spooke means terror, the terror of the world. :)
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    I use this username for literally every online game that I play with a username (ProTurtleMan, my main acc), and I made it 4 or 5 years ago. I really liked turtles back then (and I still do!) and I'm a boy, so I put that in there, and back then I thought having pro in my name would make me be better at things (it doesn't, but I still rlly like that username). LittleDuneBuggy came because I was gonna do LittleTurtleMan, which I usually use for alts, but I decided not to, and I thought of the dune buggy racing game I always played on my Dad's tablet when I was little, and decided to go with that.
  • Aaaaand bump!
  • Lucas The SpiderLucas The Spider U.K, England Member
    Mr. Penguin origin story will remain a secret. Let's just say, I love penguins!

    Lucas The Spider is a YouTube account name

    I Am Borat is a saying said by Borat in the movie Borat. 18+ film
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    My name came from a random idea of this:
    Random Guy: "Welp, then whats your name?"
    Me: "My name.... is Melting....."
  • I took two memes and combined them together. (knights who say ni and yee)
  • Long ago, i liked maincref. I really liked fire, so that was the first part: Nether.
    Second part: i thought t rex skulls were epic, so Fossil
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    Well, mine's a bit embarrasing. When I was little, I used to think the spelling of Exorcist was Exorsist... I used to like that word and I used it in a game. From that day on (including this day, knowing that the spelling's wrong), I use that name in every single game I play, xd. So... that's how I got my
  • Will I ever reveal the truth about Tks? Or will I leave it as odd as it is...
  • Is it the sound a drum makes? Boom Tks sounds like a drum in my head
  • Boom tks* said:

    Will I ever reveal the truth about Tks? Or will I leave it as odd as it is...

    it just reminds me of a reversed creeper explosion lol
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    well i kinda made it up
    when i was young i combined letters to make words and i made AESTEHR and it stuck with me since
    but the truth behind THE and TRUE
    some other peole were copying my name s i put THE and TRUE infront of it so people know i am the real one
    oh and i frogot to add im a werepire (half ultima werewolf half ultima vampire)
  • Well I buy souls
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    Sarco - I became obsessed with Ark and also love reptilians/snakes. Found out about Ark's Sarcosuchus and then shortened it :p

    VulcanianOrb - Uh idk not really much of backstory tbh. Vulcan is the Roman God of Fire and I like fire. And then just added Orb onto the end. Causing Vulcan to turn into Vulcanian, as it sounded better as an adjective-esque word.
  • Henry Stickmin / The Game
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