Halloween 2019 Short Story Contest (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

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Firstly i would like to thank everyone for submitting stories, they were a lot of fun to read and so many good ones to pick from, the judging really was very hard.
In no particular order these were my 5 favorites and they all win black cat pets!

Sir Beckley - A Qbee nights tale
Joseph stepped out of his friend's Green dork mobile "Thanks for the ride Steven" "aw no problem Joseph you know I am always here to help. The young Qbee walked down his cobblestone path and grabbed his Midnight news from his mailbox near his house. He unlocked the door and stepped inside. Man it's been a long day that Bomb game had me at the edge of my seat He chuckled.
"Pixel pip really knows how to put on a show. Joseph walked into his kitchen and opened his fridge. He was in luck there was still 2 Candy bars and and entire hotdog still inside, he put the food into his inventor and stepped towards his tv and turned it on, but all that came up on the screen was the sign "no signal".
darn Tv he muttered.
Joseph went to the back of the tv and tried looking for any loose cables. He was plugging in the loose HDMI, when he saw something out of the corner of his eye, in the window.
he stopped what he was doing and Peered through it for a couple of seconds, He didn't see anything so he went back to his tv and finished plugging the cord in and sat down in his new Clammy clam chair. The news came on the screen. News just in!
A strange figure known as "The dark traveller" has been the cause of many people's disapearance in Aspen! Joseph gulped that's where his Realm was. No one knows why this Creature has chosen this Halloween for its unexpected attac_bhfeghrlehovuehlihvliehrlihger the screen suddenly went Blank. Franticly snatching up his news paper that he grabbed earlier. He flipped through the pages. Well known mod Graceful Thunder gone missing, New items from The Halloween pack gone missing, New realms Strangely corrupted. Just as he was reading another report there was a loud sharp thud from the window. He put the news paper down and walked towards it and peered outside, there was nothing there, then...........
A Black figure with red cat like eyes Pounded against the Window over and over again. Joseph rushed around looking for something to defend himself with but as soon as he turned back to face the window with his knock back wand the Dark figure was gone! His heart was pounding he didn't know what to do! A thud against the door the nob made Joseph freeze, the nob started to jiggle as if something was trying to break in! Horrified he Grabbed his phone and dialed 911.....hello? The officer said into the phone" HELP HELP!!!!! SOME THING IS TRYING TO GET INSIDE MY REALM!! HELP!!-ZZzZzZzZzZpff. Hello? Hello sir? Sir! are you there the officer said but he didn't hear a single sound. A few moments later the officer and his co worker rushed down the cobblestone path to the mans house. The door was wide open and the nob was broken off. They cauciously walked inside and searched the Living room looking for the man. Any sign of him? The officer asked his co-worker, nothing so fa- wait the officer interrupted Did you hear that? hear what? That sound, it sounded someones phone, common. They walked slowly looking for the source of the sound. They found themselves in a kitchen, the Windows where broken and the kitchen sink was still on. I think I found it the co-worker exclaimed.
The sound seemed to be coming from the refrigerator. Slowly they opened the refrigerator. WHAT THE! There was the man half frozen stuck in the fridge, Who struggled for breath. BE....BE....BEHIND YOU! What? What are you talking about the officer exclaimed" LOOK LOOK BEHIND YOU! The officers turned around and saw the dark figure!
horrified. The two officers ran for there lives!! The Co-worker was grabbed! By the figure and pulled into the darkness! NOOOOOO HELP!!!! The officer Leaped behind a red sofa and opened his phone! We need back up! We need back up! I repeat we need Bzzzzzzkxzzzpft!!!

[]skullcandy[] - The Sad Story of Cole McCubit
"Noooo", Cole yelled, as his character felt the fiery burn of lava yet again.
It was a normal evening in the cubic castles world, 5:43 pm CC time, to be exact.
Cole McCubit was attempting to play a new video game, “The Red Course” which had just become popular in Eden.
However, he just couldn't seem to make the jumps
His character twitched and burned as it’s hearts went down, and then it died.
As usual, Cole respawned at the checkpoint he was at earlier.
“This is stupid”, he thought to himself, “why am I wasting my time with this”.
Juat as he was about to smash his komputer, up in the sky Cole saw a holla fly through, “EXE MASK FOR 1K ONLY”, it read.
Cole smashed his qbee hand on the message as fast as possible, teleporting his body to the seller’s realm.
Apparently, Cole wasn’t the only qbee interested in such an offer, there were tons of people gathered in the small shop, all grouped around a single vending machine, ready to insert their cubits. Cole joined them all in the circle, cubits in hand, he had 10,023 in total.
The owner of the shop, a mysterious qbee, wearing all black and an executioner’s mask, threw the mask into the machine. Excited, the qbees began to jump and yell. The mysterious shop owner set the price, and Cole entered his cubits into the machine as fast as he could, not even bothering to check the confirmation page.
Suddenly, he heard an uproar from the crowd. “LOL”, some yelled, “Reported” some exclaimed,
“Who would be stupid enough to buy that”, another laughed.
Panic ensued Coles stomach, as he checked his cubit count. 023 cubits, it read.
The Mysterious Qbee had pulled the classic vend price scam on Cole.
Just like that, Cole’s hard earned cubits went down the drain.
“NO, how could I possibly provide for myself now!” he yelled, “23 cubits isn't even enough for a slice of bread” he cried.
- The Next Day -
Cole awoke the next day, on the streets of the lobby
He was forced to sleep on the streets, not being able to afford even a room for the night.
Worn out and hungry, he went onto the street and began to beg, “Please, some food or clothing, please” he cried.
The other qbees in the lobby flashed him looks of disgust, “another alt”, they laughed.
“No, please!, i'm not an alt” he tried to explain “I’ve been scammed”, he yelled
“Shut up”, Darrius McRich said. Darius was a rich, snobby qbee adorned in jewels, holding a black umbrella, with a halo floating above his head. McRich spun to his friends and yelled, “Look, another pathetic noob lying to us for some extra change”, he snorted.
His entourage guffawed at the statement.
“Please” Cole cried, “I just want to eat, that's all”.
Darrius glared at him, then smirked, “tell you what” he said “I’ll give you 100,000 cubits if you bring me the head of the grim reaper”
Cole’s eyes widened, “No, n-not the grim reaper” he blurted, “please sir, anything else”
“Do you want the cubits or not” Darrius spat.
Knowing he would not receive another offer like this, Cole accepted.
“I'll add you as a friend” Darrius uttered, “If you return alive you will get the reward” he said smirking
-Later That Day-
Cole was packing his inventory for the long journey ahead with the few belongings he owned: a couple halloween candies, a harm wand (from the black market), and a robe for the cold.
The Grim Reaper was fabled to live in the depths of forest mines, a land where no qbee dared venture. It was said that these forests contained zombies, werewolves, vampires, skeletons, pumpkin-headed men and wild animals.
Cole set off into the overworld to find a forest mine. It took some searching, but Cole found the mine. He said his prayers to SirKewberth, and jumped in.
-Seven Days Later-
It was cold, very cold, and dark as well.
Cole was sitting up in a tree, feeding on any yumberry he could scavenge.
His search of the Grim Reaper was not going as planned, he had been attacked by werewolves and hordes of mutant cats, and he was dirty and stank of mud and urine.
Alas, he had to keep moving, so he clambered down from the tree with his cowl over his exposed body, and trekked onwards. It seemed as if he had been traveling for ages, but he finally reached a plain of dirt, in which there were no trees. “This is odd” he thought to himself, forest mines usually did not contain such clearings. He was about to turn around, but then he heard a soft growl from behind him. Just as the werewolf leapt from behind him, Cole lunged forward and flicked out his harm wand. Lightning fast, he ran into the clearing and fired blasts of fire at the creature. The wolf dodged his blows and moved forward, just as it reached Cole, it whimpered, and ran away. “What?” Cole exclaimed aloud. Suddenly, Cole felt a gut-wrenching fear in his stomach. A fear so intense he nearly doubled over onto the dirt beneath him.
There it was. A Black Cloak and Robe on, it’s face almost invisible, a sharp scythe in hand, looked to be forged from steel that was not of this realm. The Reaper almost resembled the scammer who had gotten him into this mess in the first place. The thought enraged him. Cole yelled a battle cry and leapt forward towards the Reaper. He fired blasts of pure heat as he flew by, but the reaper absorbed these with it’s scythe. Cole fought and fought, but he was losing energy. His movements became slower, the reapers blows harder to check. In desperation he leapt and flung his last shot at the creature, and failed. His head exposed, the Reaper arched its scythe, cutting through Cole like butter. Cole’s head came clear off, blood gushing out.
The world went dark.

The End.


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    Cubic Game Master2 - The Qbee
    Rebecca, a simple qbee player just went on and was surprised to see the game had the Halloween Update. She then, got online and went to visit some friends and catch up and talked about the new update. After the long conversation with her friends, she went back to her realm to take care of her farm. While she was harvesting the tomatoes, randomly, a friend request popped up and the player who sent her the request was named The Qbee. She didn't know who it was and didn't meet this qbee in person, so she casually 'Ignore' the friend request and resume to what she was doing. Before she could even harvest another tomato, it pinged again! A friend request from the same player, The Qbee. Then realization hit her, 'Maybe this qbee saw my advertising that I sell tomatoes in the forum?' she thought and clicked the 'Accept'. She waited, then in a minute, The Qbee entered the realm, as said by the system in red text. "Hello! How can I help you?" she asked. Yet, the player was just standing there in the portal door and did not response. 'Maybe AFK?' she thought. As she was about to return to plant some tomatoes, The Qbee suddenly ran to her and stopped in front of her. It happened so fast that it almost made her scream. "Rebecca", The Qbee said. After recovering from being shock, she asked the player, "Hello! Are you interested in buying my tomatoes?". The player had the typing bubble then responsed, "Rebecca".

    "Yes, I am Rebecca. How can I help you?" she told The Qbee. She didn't know if it was her imagination because the player glitched. Rebecca rubbed her eyes and stared at the player when the typing bubble appeared again. "Rebecca" the player said again. Then, it came to her mind that maybe this is one of her friends prank. Trying to fool her and scare her since its Halloween. "Haha, very funny. Nice way to prank me guys" she told the player. Yet, the only response from The Qbee was another "Rebecca". She decided to ignore the player, because for sure, her friends will get bored and confess that it was really a prank. But, the player was following her around her realm and keeps calling her name. "Rebecca", "Rebecca", "Rebecca". She also went to different realms and to the Overworld, still, the player was always teleporting to her. Rebecca checked her friend lists and saw that all of her friends weren't online. ALL of the people on her friend list was offline, except for The Qbee. She went to one of her friend's realm and left a letter to the mailbox and narrated there the weird situation she was experiencing today. She was hoping her friend would read this and teleport to her when her friend goes online. She went back to her realm and The Qbee followed. It had come to the point where it really weirded her out and banned the player and unfriended him. The situation was really weird and kinda creeped her out, but she shrugged it off and just decorated her realm with Halloween decorations. But as she was decorating, suddenly, the friend request from The Qbee popped again. She ignored it, yet it always pinged and popped after she clicked 'Ignore'. Then also reported the player, but it said, there was no such player existing. Somethings really off....

    The friend request always pinged and popped that she decided to accept it one more time and confront the player. The Qbee entered the realm and walked to her. "Rebecca" he said. "What do you want?!" she asked. She is already done with this player's weirdness, that it is starting to really creep her out. The Qbee didn't respond, there was no typing bubble, he just stood there while facing Rebecca's qbee. "Hey! Are you still there?!" she asked. A few moments later, The Qbee glitched, and this time, she was for sure she was not imagining things from the beginning.

    Suddenly, there were knocks from Rebecca's door that made her jump from the bed. She looked over her room's door. "Rebecca! A friend of yours is at the door. Come out, sweetie?" her mom asked from outside. She blew out harshly. Might be her friends from school came for trick or treats. She looked over her computer and saw that the player, The Qbee, was now facing towards her with a typing bubble above its head and said, "Yes, I am here". The player glitched again, maybe the game somehow crashed and affected the graphics of some players because of the new update.

    She ignored the game and before she can turn the computer off, she heard a muffled voice outside her door and heard something, or someone, hit her door and heard it crash the floor. "Mom? What happened?" she asked and was about to open the door, when she heard a voice from outside, and it was definitely not her Mom. "Rebecca?" it said and it kept calling her name.

    She was horrified that she unconciously looked over her computer's screen and saw The Qbee still standing, looking at her direction and its typing is in synced with the voice from outside that is calling her name too. The Qbee kept glitching as the door knob made noises and there was continuous banging at her door. Then,

    "Rebecca..... I'm here, Rebecca"


    Rebecca's friend read the letter left in the mailbox and quickly gathered their friends. They conversed about the content and contacted the mods. The mods looked into this and informed them that there was no player or qbee with such name existed in the game... And after that letter, Rebecca was no longer seen online by her friends in the game... No goodbyes, no contact, nothing..
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    It was a realm of great danger. No one dared enter but the bravest. The system chooses only the bravest and sends out a quest. This time they chose me. I get online and spot green on the left of my screen. "The End Quest" I have only heard of it one other time. I don't know much about it so I click on the three white lines with the blue background that stays on the top left corner of my screen. I make my way to the "quest" button and tap. There it is. "The End Quest" I build up all the courage inside of me and look at the details. "Go to the realm of endless falls. Find the split paths. Choose one and follow it to the end. That's where your quest will begin." I know what realm it means. As I make my way towards the search block in the lobby I suddenly go two times as slow. I look in my inventory and see that someone has given me a warp food. I tap on it to see where it leads. Once I read it I know there is no going back. It reads, "Kewbirth's End". I stare at it hesitantly I know that I must take it. It's the only way to stop the glitched blocks from consuming the whole game. If I don't do this it may be years till the system finds someone capable. I tap my character and enter the realm.

    When I look at the top of my screen it shows only whats in-front of me. I can't leave the realm and no one can teleport to me. I'm on my own. I start walking trying to find the two paths the details told me about. I wonder around until I stumble upon a sign. I get closer to read it. "You have permission for now but once you break a block or take anything from this realm your permission will be taken away and you'll be sent back to the lobby. Unless it is the right block. If you choose wisely you will move forward until the end." I move on cautiously knowing that I'm moving in the right direction. As I go I come across two paths. Okay, I must choose the correct one or the glitches will take over. I take my time to observe both paths, changing my view so I can see better in this darkness. I try every view I could possibly do and something catches my eye as I pass a certain viewpoint. I try to find it again and it takes me a while but I finally get there. In the distance of the path I see bones. The white shining through the darkness. That's a sign. I look at the other path and see nothing. I move onto the path and something I've never seen happen before happened. Everything but the path I'm on vanished. I walk on making sure to look at my surroundings and observe everything. Suddenly there was the sound of bouncing.

    *Boing boing* *BoInG BoInG* *BOING BOING* I turn and face the noise. It feels like eternity until I see it. A wuvva pig? But it doesn't look normal... It keeps coming closer and closer. As it comes into the small bit of light I have I see why. It doesn't have hearts on its sides, it has ghosts. This can't be good. I turn towards the way I've been heading and start jumping forward. I don't quite know if it makes me faster but I hope. The bouncing gets quiet as I move on but then I see something. It's a sign with a piggy bank behind it. The sign reads, "This bank holds 100k cubits in it. Break the pig and it's yours." This feels like a test. Luckily I don't care about cubits. I'm going to move forward.

    I start moving again. Again I see something. It's another sign. I walk up to it and jump on top as I usually do to read signs. "There's no turning back now" Suddenly I hear bouncing again. I change my view and see the pig from earlier. The only difference is this time the ghost imprint in its side is blinking. Once I notice that I see that everything it jumps on glitches out. This must be the source. I have to hurry before it gets to me. One of two things would happen. Either it touches me and my server glitches out or it touches the ground and I fall. If I fall then I can't come back. It will kick me out for dying and remove my quest. You can only get here if you have the quest. I start down the path again trying my best to move fast. The bouncing sound is on my trail. I get stopped by a portal that needs a code. My nerves are tingling with the bouncing noise getting closer. I read the sign that hides on the top of the portal. "Hint: Shouting to all of the Cubic population come here to see our creation" It takes me a moment to figure it out but once I did I quickly entered my answer. "Hollawarp" As I wait for the answer to register the sound of bouncing almost drowns out all of the other sound on my server. The password was correct and I go inside the portal. It brings me to what looks like a control room. This must be where the ghost pig was made. I look around the room for anything that would tell me what to do next but I can't find anything. Then.... all of the light in the realm goes out. Green pops of on the left of screen indicating a new quest. All it says when I click on it is "Get out of my realm".

    My heart nearly bursts. I think about whose realm this could possibly be. Then it hits me. The realm name. "Kewbirth's End" Kewbirth. This realm is Kewbirth's. Everyone I've talked to thought Kewbirth had just been someone who was put in the title of realms but Kewbirth is an actual user. My heart nearly stops as I think of what this means. I have to fix the glitch and leave. Even though the lights in the realm are gone one thing I hadn't noticed before remains lit up. It's the red button on Kewbernor's Mash Receptor. My mind ticks as I try and thing of my this could be important. THE SIGN! It told me that I can build only the right thing. What if this is still lit because it's not part of the realm. I can build on this. I remember that I have a left over monster mash in my inventory and place it on the receptor. I push "use" and hope for the best. A second passes and a blinking light shows up in the shape of a paw print. I have a mutant dog. I quickly take it and place it on top of the machine that makes it hoping that it will work there since it's the only place not connected to the realm. Luckily I left my pet at home and I was capable of taking the dog out of the kennel. This dog was different than the ones I normally see. It looked more ghostly. I hoped that this one could do what I thought.

    I head for the portal with this ghostly mutant dog and go right through. It leads to where I was before on the path. The bouncing pig was heading away from me now. My thoughts are confirmed. My new mutant dog can take down the pig and the virus that comes with it. I start heading towards the pig but I hear footsteps behind me. I hadn't noticed before but the name "Kewbirth" popped up on a name tag. I try to move my attention elsewhere because he can't go faster than me so there's no point in worrying if I keep moving. I turn my attention towards the pig again but all hope I had before was lost. The pig went through the portal by itself.

    I need to make it to the lobby. I don't have any idea where the portal came from but if the pig is going through it, it wants to destroy whatever is on the other side. I'm not that far from it when I hear the sound of a car. I can't set mine down here and Kewbirth can. Cars can travel much faster than I will ever be able to on my own. Suddenly I hear what sparkles would sound like and I almost get thrown off the edge of the single block path. He has a wand. I watch as my four hearts go down to three. I start to wish I hadn't left my harm want in a chest in my ream. I just need to get there before... *sparkle sound*... my lives run out. I'm now down to two lives. I'm not very far from the portal. *sparkle sound* I have one life left. The portal stands in-front of me. Kewbirth is on my tail. Before I go I hear a sparkle sound again. I jumped in time that only half the power from the wand hurt me. I now have one half of a heart. I go through the portal, my new dog following. I'm in the lobby and I see my nightmares coming true. The ghost pig is touching all the people of Cubic Castles and the land. He heads straight for the big tree that stands tall in the back. The pig will destroy everything if I don't stop it. I have to get close enough for the mutant ghost dog to do what it was made to do. But if I get close enough to touch it I'll glitch out and disappear... along with the rest of Cubic castles.

    I start towards the pig hoping to get the pig before the pig gets the best view in the lobby. I get my car out and jump in. I don't have the best control over it yet but I can try to get close to the pig. My dog follows close behind. The pig is about two double jumps ahead and my dog does the weirdest thing. It stops following me. Instead it's headed for the pig. I only had to get it this close I guess. My dog catches the pig and I am relieved. That is until... he joins it. I watch as the imprint on his side starts blinking. He heads right for me. My heart stops as he reaches me. The moment he touches me I go to the log in page. I quickly press play, I agree, and continue. "Your password is incorrect" pops up. I re-log over and over again but nothing works. Goodbye Cubic Castles.
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    B L A N K - There is something in Aspen
    The world of Cubic Castles is a small yet ever growing Qbee made planet with advanced technology allowing for teleportation, public and world communication, and instant regeneration devices that not only applied to the Qbees themselves, but was also used to auto regenerate all the worlds mines. All of this being made possible by the Cosmic Cow Corp. or the genius' behind the creation of CC. Qbees prospered in this world and lived happy, hard working lives as all adapted to the "hands on" way of living.

    The day started like any other, till a sudden malfunction in the Cosmic Cow teleportation devices sent everyone in CC to the world Town Center. Everyone looked around in confusion and many quickly began exclaiming in outrage. It wasn't long before everyone noticed that something was wrong...the portals were all locked. Panicked, Qbees began tapping on their wrist devices to open their personal teleportation option, but instead of the normal list of display options there was a blinking red message that read, "Main Systems Down! Protocol Lock Down In Effect." Suddenly a large hologram display screen appeared over head and a slow hush spread across the mass of Qbees.

    The display screen showed a video message being broadcast live from what appeared to be a forest mine. Nearby trees could be seen; illuminated by the dim light of what could only be the recording display screen, till a girl walked into frame. Her hands clasped tightly in front of her as she exhaled deeply before speaking.

    "M-my name is Jana and..." Her voice trembled and broke before she continued on. "I'm not going to make it out of here."

    Suddenly there was a sharp snapping sound in the distance that caused her to jump. With a whimper she brought a hand to her mouth and began frantically turned around, staring into the darkness. Visibly shaken, she turned back to the camera and lowered her now clenched hand to her side. Her cheeks were wet with fresh tears and her eyes widened from obvious fear as began speaking faster.

    "Tyler was able to set up this live stream using our Cosmic Cow Tech so that we could radio for help..." Her lips trembled as she shook her head back and forth quickly, "but it's only me now so...so I need to warn you. . .There is something in the Forest Mines in Aspen."

    At her words; hushed whispers spread through the crowd of Qbees. Most were sure that this was some sort of joke as life on their cubic world was just shy of being perfect. With the only daily hindrance being hackers and scammers, but as the video continued on with the girl's warning of some unseen monster or entity the crowed slowly grew silent as small groups of Qbees began claiming to see things moving in the darkness behind her. The Qbees once more grew quiet as they watched the video with renewed interest.

    Jana speedily explained that she and her 2 friends, Tyler and Megan, had been in the mine to dig for resources when they started hearing a strange sound echoing in the forest. They dismissed the sound initially and continued their work, talking every so often, till they realized Megan was no longer responding. After a quick look around they noticed that Megan didn't seem to be in the mine anymore and figured she had teleported out without telling them. When they pulled up their display screens they both noticed that Megan was no longer on their friends list and even more to their surprise, the teleport and auto exit options were no where to be found. Not only that but when the two tried to find the exit portal to manually leave the mine it too was missing.

    She paused in her story to reach down and retrieve something from in front of her. It was in that moment that they saw it. . .Two red eyes could be seen peaking from behind the tree to Jana's back. Several Qbees screamed at the unexpected sight while the rest watched on as Jana stood back up holding what looked like dismantled bits of CC Tech. Unaware of the danger lurking behind her, Jana explained how their devices main functions were somehow disabled in the mine, but by using various pieces, Tyler was able to force a live broadcast through the CC Corps main server lines. Ultimately though; Tyler had gone missing soon after the connection was made.

    It had almost gone unnoticed while everyone listened to Jana, but soon; what could have initially been dismissed for video static, began to grow in volume till Qbees and even Jana pressed their hands tightly to their ears to try and block out the screeching, animal like sound that seemed to fill the mine. Suddenly Jana lurched forward to grab the recording device and sprinted through the darkness. The video was a blur of movement as Jana did her best to hold it in front of her, using the light to see where she was going.

    Qbees watched as the shaking video showed Jana narrowly missing trees that seemed to just appear from the darkness ahead of her, and just as the sound began to lessen the screen suddenly went black. After a couple of seconds there was a dull thud followed instantly by Jana screaming in pain. The screen was dark for several more minutes before Jana could be heard crying and shuffling around before the video moved to slowly pan around the area to show that she had fallen into a cave before coming to Jana's legs. She cried out softly as she saw her legs had been horribly broken in the fall.

    The video shifted once more as Jana placed the recorder at her side and began crying. She was still crying as the screeching sound slowly built up once more till Jana gave a blood curdling scream as something began jerking her body into the pitch black darkness behind her. Her fingers desperately clawed at the cave floor, but with one final pull she disappeared. The screen once more went dark as Jana's screams could be heard fading in the distance.

    The Town Center erupted into chaos as Qbees struggled to believe or comprehend what they had just witnessed. It wasn't until a lady began screaming that everyone once more returned their attention to the video to see two blood red eyes staring, just inches away from the screen. It was then everyone saw the creature for what it was; a pitch black monster that seemed to be darkness itself. It had no mouth or nose only those horrible, glowing red eyes.

    Seconds later the stream cut and everyone's devices lit with a green system alert that read, "Main Systems Online. Lock Down Has Been Lifted. Please Enjoy Your Day." Most everyone was quick to leave the Town Center after what they had just seen, but there were some who stayed behind to debate the validity of the video. A crazy few even suggested finding the mine to prove whether or not it was a hoax, but upon arriving at Aspen they noticed missing realms and mines. Some even began hearing a faint sound in some areas of Aspen but the source has never been found.

    The End?
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