Favourite/Least Favourite Game Features



  • Horus said:

    We value the opinions of our players, and so we want to hear you out.

    What specific features do you like about the game?

    And is there something you strongly dislike that's pushing you away from it?

    We want to know!

    Yes, paid parkours RUIN the fun in Parkours. Opens too many scam loops too. They are actually making a ton of qbee's dislike the game even more. I agree.

    Also, there should be a leave clean option in your menu when you open it. And having to log off just to change your game options is another downfall. Bad aspects out weigh the good ones. I hope good progress is made soon.
  • *Favorite:
    -my true friends
    -i like how the game works
    -i like those updates
    -i like those hard works to this games
    -building of each players

    *Pushing me away:
    -other players who is/are boastful.
    -im banned even though i don't do anything bad/wrong to my co players.
    -fake friends

    i suggest that the program have like a cctv per players/qbee so if the player is reported for some doing wrong then the reports can be investigate by watching it but in report it will have time and date :)
  • I like pretty much everything about it except
    I dont like how in the cc store all the prices are like super expensive but people make it way cheaper and if you cant find someone selling what you need you might have to buy it there because pets are like 10k in the cc store but peeps sell doog and mewmew for like 2k alot so I dont like that maybe yall could lower prices in cc store and start telling people those are the prices but only if you lower the prices because that stuff is kinda expensive
  • Pro: I like that I can choose whether to interact with people or not, and that there is a built-in system for both. When I need time alone, then I can either go on an alt or lock my realm, and when I want to socialize, I can see which of my friends are on/go to a random person in the lobby and start chatting.

    Slight peeve: Getting honey instead of beeswax when I mine. Both beeswax and honey logically come out of hives, but the balance of how much honey vs. how much beeswax I am likely to get from mining beehives annoys me a bit because for me, I need much more beeswax more than I need honey.
  • Fav friends, pets, and cars

    Least arrow keys / wasd wont work on the android version
  • GalaGala Member, Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    edited January 2018
    if we are not active for 1-2 mins we will get an Away From Keyboard sign and if we are in the cubit store.

    Camera security (Decor)
    Clothes Decor (Decor)
    Laptop (Decor)
    Plasma TV (decor)
  • I love that there are now oases in desert mines.
  • UU Member, Forum Moderator, Game Moderator

    I love that there are now oases in desert mines.

    Always have been.
  • SIimeSIime Member
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    All i love the game
    But my favorite things are the building blocks i want more blocks to build awesome buildings
  • GalaGala Member, Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    suggestion, that I would like them to add in game.

    max 2 clan to join, 2 clan tags on each other.

    Plasma TV
    camera security
    TV cabinet
    office chair - table
    door stamp
  • Favorite:
    Love graphics and farming

    Annoyed with lag when too many vends are in a room.

  • my most favorite: well.., almost everything really lol
    my least favorite: nukes destroying every single block. you should at least get some items back.
  • my favourite feature is the farming feature because i love farming and my least favourite feature is that the cubit store is so expensive! please lower the prices.
  • What I like:
    Almost everything!

    What I dislike:
    Valentine Pack (all of them!)
    The part where it takes 14-20 blocks to get a single cubit >:(
  • NaroxNarox Member
    edited February 2018
    Hm..i have new ideas for game
    1- you can make 2 players ride in same car
    2- you can make starter realms bigger
    3-you can make qbee run by using botton +another EX(up arrow + shift)
    And on mobiles make new botton for it
  • scorto7scorto7 BelgiumRetired Moderator

    Hm..i have new ideas for game
    1- you can make 2 players ride in same car
    2- you can make starter realms bigger
    3-you can make qbee run by using botton +another EX(up arrow + shift)
    And on mobiles make new botton for it

    this is not a suggestion topic
  • DafniDafni Member
    Fave: Friends you can make, the new clothes that are getting better and better
    but my least fave is the price of realms and rooms. I love building but I have to save so much.
  • NaroxNarox Member
    i like : game cool graphics and making friends and the idea of game is too cool and updates
    i don't like : the perma ban i got bec my brother tryed open ppls accs not me anyway bye
  • Wade PrevossWade Prevoss Member
    edited March 2018
    Favorite: Dracula and UV shades

    Hates: Krampus Mask and Krimpus Mask,
    They suck x.x
  • 1. Id like a white cannon that hits stuff with snow balls. 2. Ida like a perk called lights off or light magic just put it to a vote on the name, The perk turns off and on lights with out you being near the lights from lights to fire, make it so you can only do this where you got perm. 3. Idk if we want this as a perk or not, Ida like flying but so players do not cheat make it so anyone may turn this off in Realm Setup oh do not make it so the players need wings, make it so players can fly without wings but they can put on wings to make them look like a dragon or anything.
  • herooverlordherooverlord Member
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    -free parkours with prizes
    -players free giveaway
    -meet new people
    -cars and pets Least Favourite:
    -fake friendships (a lot)
    -betrayal of friends (trusted) that you know for almost a year
    -scammers that make people quit (all people that i knew last year quits)
    -spreading of false rumors/accusations to destroy reputation of player and clan groups (with no evidences and fake evidences) "rip to all my clan leaders before"
    -rude players and bullies
    -entering your realm/room asking for permission
  • About game features, check out my discussion about New ranks in game. It is called:
    "New ranks - please read! (especially mods and admins please read!) VERY IMPORTANT"
    I really think those can be added and the game would work much better with e better team of official people. Especially you, Horus! Please take e peek!
  • Hrothgar said:

    Drayfus said:

    Its hard on phone coz when u go to a crowded realm, like pens. Keyboard wont popup anymore.
    Thus u need to relog the game to chat.

    Other thing is hard is the phone or tab is so slow when u go to a real full of floating items in vend, wifi is not lag yet the game freezes lol..

    Ikr! Also everytime after 10-15 minutes the keyboard lags out and I have to restart the game!
    You two should get better phones mine never does this. What phones do you own? I onlyhave an iPhone 4s and it still works fine. It's only on my 7 year old tablet that doesn't let me talk.
  • favorite is there soo many gud and helpful players
    not favorite are the scammers!!
  • carlos19 said:

    favorite is there soo many gud and helpful players
    not favorite are the scammers!!

    Let me guess im obe of your fav xD
  • +1
  • Fav- Turkey pet lvl 49 is just awesome
    Less- luvmovile just horrible
  • Cannons and anything that has connection to pirates. but definitely cannons.
  • What I like:
    Nice players
    Games (With GOOD prizes)
    Meeting new players
    What I dislike:
    People who quit (One of the ones quitted when I knew them for one year!)
    Rude people
    Liars (I been called a scammer for some reason)
  • HeartRateHeartRate Member
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    Favourite: Packs
    I love packs because every year they will have different items ( with some same items ) and they all looks awesome and unique! Especially the Valentines ones :3
    Least Favourite: Nothing
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