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    Pro: This is one of the few fun sandbox MMO games that isn't "pay-to-win" + It's fun

    Con: The lag/Loading time. There are games out there that load instantly or don't have a loading screen at all, it kinda sucks that you have you wait 10-30 seconds if you want to take a screenshot of your character or just a quick check. Also the lag is pretty bad, I get disconnected way too often, even playing other bigger online games it rarely disconnects me.

    Yes I know, my con is bigger than my pro. I do like Cubic Castles and I'm not a hater, the con just talks about loading and lag which takes a bit to explain. :P


    EDIT: Another pro would be this if it was added http://forums2.cubiccastles.com/index.php?p=/discussion/466/vending-machines/p1
  • Favorite Update:
    Probably the Christmas updates because they're a lot of fun

    Least Favorite Update:
    None, I like them all :P
  • Pros:
    ~ Cute Pets!
    ~ So Many Different Blocks
    ~ How We Get So Many Updates
    ~ I Don't Like That Some Of The Holiday Items Were Repeated, I Bought Cubits To Buy A 160k Orange Scarf (When It Was That Much xD) Now They Are Only Around 10k ;-;...My Life
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    cave mine spawns, I ended up helping someone today when I wasn't supposed to, just out of "kindness"
    so anyway I was trying to find a cave mine but could not find at least one for an hour and a half, like seriously >o< just when I need to they decided not to show up, it was aggravating..

    my fave has to be the parental controls :D I did not know about it til that incident with chickthulhu, well I know it's always been there but I did not touch it before xD (makes life easier)
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    Pros ~
    I love a lot of things in this game, basically everything!

    Cons ~
    The scammers, rude people, but those kind of people are gonna be around so you might as well learn from it, amirite? :D
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    I want to see more recube flowers and boots (+speed). Speed must be instead speed perk with adding new perks on the place of previously
  • That what I like most is the graphics: it's just amazing, I love games with graphics like this.
    Also I like that it's small game: it don't need much upgrades - it has it's greatness of simplicity.

    These things I don't like are:
    1) Flags update: I don't know...I guess that everyone else likes that but I don't...
    2) Some big updates: Like I said before - I like that game is simple (that it don't change a lot...It has it's greatness of it's simplicity...)

    But like I said: these are just what I think, please do not start saying that you like these etc.

  • Favorite: Dogs And Cats (Of Course!)

    Least Favorite: High Prices For Things In Cc Store. Like The Pulse Blocks, 10 For 1K Cubits!
  • Favorite:
    1- Scaffold and Drop Scaffold Blocks.
    2- Mailboxes.
    3- Checkpoint color changing when you step on it.

    Least Favorite:
    1- Downloading new content when making a change in the textures of the game. (It removes the edited one into the default one.)
    2- Not much blocks.
    3- Not being able to make Gray dye and Gray Plasters.
    4- Not much options for changing Realm settings.
    5- Lag, of course.
  • Cash reg
  • Favourite:
    - Pets, they are so cute
    -The community
    -How socail the game is

    Least Favourite:
    -How long it takes to level pets up
    -Scammers/Hackers/Bullies ect ect
    -The (it's stupid in my mind) triple jump/ground slam or what ever its called
    -The game can get boring
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    Developed pvp mode...and off speed perk cause end of parcours or races are usually depend of speed bonus instead experience..
  • Yeah <3

    - I feel that this game is really striving to get better and fill in areas that were lacking.

    -Many of the updates feel ambitious and seek to bring a new level of gameplay the fadey foam being a prime example

    -I love the specific people I have found and call friends. Who I want to capture like pokemon and never let them leave me wahaha *ahem cough*

    -Game visuals, I think are charming, captivating, and quirky!

    -Lack of furniture.....>_< I understand that certain things like first player adventure were numero uno priority but now I would like a shift in focus to getting more frequent block updates. The update where we received marble etc. was fantastic but the truth is we were already lacking so many things that it was nothing more than a drop in the bucket. There are some areas really hurting and furniture is an example.

    -Serious Negativity In The Community. Now there is nothing that can be really done about this and myself am confused about what has changed exactly. It can be universally agreed that that there has been a downhill slide in the community. I would say it began to really come to fruition in October with by December things like payaways being in full force. Cubits and selling have always been a big focus in CC no doubt about that but this madness has taken over. Scamming when almost to a point of non-existence thanks to the mods blew into full force with new methods coming to practice. Furthermore the drama, I do not know what bug has been running around but the last two months it seems like a fair portion of the community is constantly at each others throats. I am very tired of it, I come to the game for an escape.

    -Recube Items Please do not let them go into the direction of being mostly plants because plants are something one should be able to use a lot of. It is frustrating to have something like flowers but knowing I can not use them in a more free manner because of cost prohibitive means of obtaining them. It be nice to see things like an exclusive jewel studded furniture set, or special recube clothing be the direction taken. Things that would one not use over and over typically speaking.

    I know that is a large novel worth of negatives but it takes more explaining why something is negative than it does saying something is super duper awesome :)! Other than that I feel CC is perfect and to me the flaws are not numerous nor weigh down on my enjoyment of the game. I feel that the developers have done an amazing job making this game better and their hardwork is really showing. Thank you for reading!
  • Favorite: Hanging with people
    Least Favorite: Getting exp at half way to max level (50) is too hard.
  • My favorite is the 3D system
    i dont have a 3D card but the game works!
  • Favourite features : There are too many hats & pets too & outifits in general + blocks
    least favourite Nothing ! :D
    This Game is Perfect !
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    I like the clothing's the parkours the pets and games inside the game
  • Two things I dislike would definitely be the holla's nowadays and the lvl cap. :P
    Two things I like are the font perk lvl 4 and the amazing emeralds :3
  • I have 2 favorites

    FAV No 1 : My Pumpkin Pet
    FAV No 2 : Mannequins as they are exactly like me! My best friend is a mannequin named Bob.

    2 Dislikes

    DIS No 1 : The Casino System (The Cubit Store System)
    It just gives us random stuff and we do sometimes overpay... like ALOT..
    I'd like it if we could just buy specific items for a specific price.

    DIS No 2 : The Qbee Walking Animation.
    Seriously, it looks like I'm skipping and running out of fear at the same time... no offense.
  • my favorite hat is flamengco hat!!! :D and i most hated in the game is lag and bug :(
  • 4 Things that i like:
    1. I WUV DERT (dirt)
    2. doogs
    3. Pets
    4. French fries ^_^

    4 things that i hate:
    1. Scammers
    2. Mean ppl
    3. Noobs (they arent newbies, they are n00bs) begging for items until you unfriend em ._.
    Me: hi
    Newbie (or noob lol): hi
    Me: lets be friends?
    Newbie: ok
    Me: lets do something?
    Me: ._.
    4. Country flag sistem D:
  • Like: Just a well-made game in general
    Dislike: No real excitement to it... It's just mining and building which gets real boring real fast
  • Like:
    - Very polished game
    - straightforward mechanics (recipes can be a pain, but in terms of building, mining, movement and basics pretty easy to pick up)
    -Encouraging of creativity
    -Accidentally pressing my wand button when I just want to jump (I barely do PvP, most of my shots are accidents) on an iPhone.
    -Having to do the whole "I DEFY BETAMAX" thing just to unlock my camera. Unnecessary hurdle. A lot of newbies also won't know how to do this since the method is unintuitive and sorta cringey.
  • My least favorite feature would definitely need to be the security system. Even though that it has helped, what it can't stop is the negative talking people have WITHOUT whispering in someone's realm. Frankly I have been called a B(CENSORED)h for not doing someone's offer, and have gotten scammed. Also when the reporting system is used, it really doesn't make a difference sometimes. I wish the mods and admins would try to help more, because situations like scamming and bullying is increasing, a lot.
  • i love the fact that its so fun but scammers hackers and people who bully noobs are making the game not so good- i think you should make some cheaper prices for clothing and pets as well but great game
  • The game is just fine but one of the worse things that there are is that there should be a confirmation pop up when you do a holla and another one is that you need to drag an item to trade I hope they change it to clicking because you can drop the item and it could get scammed so if it can be 'fixed' please do it!
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    I help those that start the game to help them understand how to play and keep themselves from being scammed trolled and robbed in any way. I also have made a charity place to help those that are new up to any level. (not opened yet but soon) The game is a great imaginative place where you can even enjoy not making cubits and just play the parkours and mazes people make. visiting realms to see how their vision of their world looks like. its great! some stuff is over priced even the moment something is posted they start calling prices out. there should be a legit place that has day by day up to date prices to stop trolling from happening. when you start the game there should be a more utilized training place not just how to use but also to inform them of whats in the cubic world. that would start to eliminate scammers and robbers from the start. more training before the game it will be a hassle but they will see why during and after....

    Hope that helped with something. but that's my pro n con about the game ;)
    (apology for my lack of pronunciation use, I get caught in the moment)

    1) Different pet Suggestions: Peacock (when He level up his colors change *5 colors, Mythological Creature such as Griffith would be awesome (Gets bigger wings with level up *5 stages)

    2) More Shapes Vertical 1/2 Blocks round blocks and it would be cool if item placed on gear do move (merry go round and Ferris wheel)

    3) Recubed Items should be more than plants Like House hold items (Stickers) To place on walls in realm or even add a sticker pack 100 stickers 1500c something cool.

    4) **** More Girl Stuff*** other than wigs tutu skirt
    fur scarfs, purses, skirt with heal (not just skirt.) girl portal stuff (like a friend of my suggested) just more stuff for girls everything is mainly boy stuff.

    5) Music would be awesome 1 of each style. ( Muted games isn't fun When all you hear is people stomping and pets) a realm with music should be a sound affect free room.

    6). Medals (*upto 3rd place) and Trophies (*Upto 3rd Place) so we can give different prizes to those who win our parkours or games.

    -So far thats all I got. but if anything else I'll be sure to EDIT ;) -
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    What My Least Favorite Feature In CC is How There is a 15x15 realm without yellow presents for newbies! ;-;I really don't know tbh..
  • i love the excitement of building new ideas and the week before a update comes out im jumping around not being able to wait and see what it is i hate when a update comes out and its the same items as last year gets very boring
  • My top 5 least wanted items:
    5) 15
    They Creep me out, wayy to much >o<
    4) 25
    They can be obtained by abusing the acc system.
    3) 35
    To me, they're pretty annoying and they're easily scammed for pink pants.
    To me its hideous.. No offence it looks like Donald Trump's Hair.
    5) 55
    To me it seems pretty dumb. Just another tool to add to the Collection, why dont we add Laser Pointers for pet cats? (Actually that'd be cute, but pretty dumb)
    Bonus) 65
    They could used for more Payways and scams.. Rlly cc? Just Rlly? Oh well.
    I hope you enjoyed my list and maybe agree with me? Maybe? Oh well. Ciao!
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