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Alt + Tab issues

DjedoDjedo Member
in Bug Reports 22.85 Karma
Well this was for me always kinda buggy thing to minimize CC (no sound after switching back), but last update make it impossible to minimize.
I use steam and I have to restart game to make it work again. I tested windows versions and its the same.

Anyone of you had similar issues?


  • BunnycubitBunnycubit Member
    6.45 Karma
    I haven't actually had this problem. But if you want, try starting task manager or play in windowed.
  • EagenceEagence Member
    3.75 Karma

    "Windows + m" or "ATL+space", select minimize or maybe "ATL+space + n"
    or for win 10 you may also use "Windows + tab" or "Windows" and click right most side of start bar, there is a button to switch to desktop. If nothing works task manager should work. But if you use a second program like mozzila while using cc, as long as you click mozzilla you lose sound of CC sadly. Which may be good or bad depending on people.
  • SuperxtremeSuperxtreme The NetherlandsGame Moderator
    edited November 3 35.05 Karma
    Yeah same here when I play full screen. I get a black screen and I have to restart the game. It was fine before the last updates...

    I mention this to @SirKewberth

    For now I just changed my resolution and no full screen.

    @Rolim have the same issue
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenGame Developer
    60.85 Karma
    Heard of this issue but it's very strange because we actually made no changes to anything related to alt tabbing or screen or windows graphics etc.. Could it be a windows update that broke it? On our end the code is the same as it always was.
  • Giant_Giant_ Member
    1.50 Karma
    The weird part is that the game is still running perfectly fine - you can jump around and access chests and stuff but you just have a black screen and cant see anything.
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