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♥ Marie's Little Workshop ♥

MarieAraMarieAra MexicoMember
edited October 16 in Player Events & Creations 3.85 Karma

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my tiny spot here on the forums ♥

I've been playing cc for more than 2 years now and have amassed quite a big collection of builds, with this post i'd like to invite you to join me in my building adventures ^-^

♥ Marie's ♥

These are pics of my most personal builds: My lobby, Shop, Museum, Office and Library (Can get through most of them by visiting my main realm called "Marie's", which is located in Eden) (Yes, I do like rainbows a little too much).

♥ Pretty Pink Place ♥

This is my Pretty Pink Workshop, it also has a second floor with doors to my friend's workshops, which are designed the same way, just in different colors.

♥ Rainbow Series ♥

These are my Rainbow rooms, I love all things colorful, cute and candy, so I had to have a little bit of them all here on cc :D

♥ This is Halloween ♥

Here are my Halloweenie builds, one is a little town with all kinds of spooky bits and bobs, the other one is most recent, built with the ever so amazing Proffy who knows just how to get me into the building spirit.

♥ Harry Potter ♥

I am a crazy Harry Potter fan and had always wanted my very own magical world, so far I've only built Hogsmeade, but I do plan on making a whole set of rooms based on HP in the future.

♥ Contest Creations ♥

These are things I've built for contests :D I love competing and getting to see what my friends come up with, I'm always waiting for the next contest to get here!


  • eloquenceeloquence Member
    edited October 15 13.10 Karma
    I've loved all of your builds even though I cannot see the pics here xD
  • MarieAraMarieAra MexicoMember
    edited October 15 3.85 Karma
    Pics fixed :D sorry, had problems with the forum uploader so took them to imgur.
  • Professional KillerProfessional Killer GreeceForum Moderator
    32.90 Karma
    Great buildings & creations as always. Love them all! :)
  • KaijaribenKaijariben ChileMember
    12.25 Karma
    Amazing buildings :O
    I love them!
  • eloquenceeloquence Member
    13.10 Karma
    MarieAra said:

    Pics fixed :D sorry, had problems with the forum uploader so took them to imgur.

    Regardless, you're a talented builder, gurl. ♡
  • HaborymHaborym Member
    14.75 Karma
    Amazing builds, Marie!
    And see? I told you that you were old tooooo!
  • CortanaCortana UnknownFamiliarForum Moderator, Game Moderator, Familiar
    71.25 KarmaFamiliar
    Love all of your beautiful builds. :3
  •   Ed  Ed Game Moderator
    27.05 Karma
    Great builds :D
  • #Flawless#Flawless Member
    4.10 Karma
    These are so gooooood.
  • MissilenceMissilence Member
    7.30 Karma
    Pretty :D
  • Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
    57.45 Karma
    This is amazing!
    Are those the realm name? I would like to visit them!
  • MarieAraMarieAra MexicoMember
    3.85 Karma
    Awww thank you guys for the nice comments!!! I appreciate itttttttt <3 And you can get to them by searching "Marie's" on Eden @"Swissy Dreamer" ^^ it's my lobby and has doors that will take to most of my builds.
  • ZPINOLZPINOL MéxicoMember
    18.00 Karma
    Mi favorto siempre sera la gominola :D
  • 8.55 Karma
    Wow, Nice builds! :o
  • U  U Member
    97.10 Karma
    Looks amazing <3
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