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Hey guys! So, I like creating ideas, soo, I made a suggestion discussion! ;o
You guys can also suggest stuff and I can add them here and give you credits! :D

Sooo, here it goes!

Spoiler: Christmas


- Clothing Item
- Comes in different colors

Ginger Bread House

- Decoration

Holly Top Hat

- A red top hat that has a christmas holly on it.
Spoiler: Example

Christmas Bells (ADDED!)

- Decoration that can only be placed on walls
Spoiler: Example

Christmas Tree Costume

- Like the normal tree costume but with ornaments, bells, ect.

Present Head

- A red present with a green ribbon instead of your head! >:0!

Ginger Bread Shirt & Pants (ADDED!)

credits to @Mr.Granicus
- Ginger Bread shirt and pants to fit with the Gingerbread Head

Spoiler: Valentine

Wedding Dress

-There would be 2 parts, the top and the bottom.

Love Crackers

- Red color, white heart in the middle.
- Can be placed.
- When placed, it cracks and hearts pop like the new year's crackers.

Spoiler: Example

Love Sign

-Just like the gift sign, coffee sign, etc. But with a heart on it.
-The heart would be red and the sign would be white as if the wood was painted.

Spoiler: Easter

Pony Pet

- Can be taken out of a stable on any level
- You can ride the horse when you're over level 15
- Horse must have a saddle so you can ride it
- Can jump over 1 block
Stable : Like kennels but for ponies/horses.

Cherry Blossom Stamp

- Cherry Blossom Leaves will fly around the realm

Sunset Stamp

- The sky will look yellow-ish orange
- The realm will look a bit dark

Bird Pet

- Flies behind you
- Would stay inside a bird house.

Colorful Bunny Tails

- Bunnytails, but they come in different colors
- Can match colored Bunny Ears

Teddy Bear Backpack

-A brown teddy bear backpack :P
Spoiler: Example

Something like this but brown :P

Spoiler: Halloween


- Gives a hovering effect (like the sub vampire mask)

Fireflies Stamp

(Credits to @Sculpture )
-Dark background similar to the Night stamp
-It has fireflies which will light up the place a bit,enough for you to see without torches, candles, etc.

Black Hole Portal Stamp

- Kinda looks like slime portal from Adventure Mode but it should be BLACK!

Owl Pet

- Flies behind the QBee
- Grey Owl House


- An owl that can be placed on any block.
- Decoration

Pumpkin Dress

- The bottom part will be bigger than the top
- Chest


- Creepy decoration

Witch's Broom (Kinda ADDED)

- When worn, qbee will be sitting on top floating.
- Hand

Bat Pet

- A bat that flies behind the QBee
- Lives in a Bat House

Candy Bag

- Black, has drawings of pumpkins, cobwebs and candy on it.
- Works like a balloon or wand


-A lollipop you can hold in your hand like, for example, the Jester's Cane.

Spoiler: Thanksgiving

Turkey Beaks (ADDED!)

- Clothing, on face. (Misc spot)

Cornucopia (ADDED!)

- Decoration
Spoiler: Cornucopia


- 2 different kind of leaves, yellow and orange.
- Placed on walls like snowflakes and paintings
- Decoration

Caramel Apples

- 1-3 caramel apples on a plate
- Decoration

Pumpkin Candles

- Pumpkins that have little candles inside them.
- Decoration
Spoiler: Pumpkin Candles

Spaghetti Hair

- The spaghetti would be the hair that would be hanging down and there would be tomato sauce with some parsley and cheese on top.

Chicken Drumsticks

- A few pieces of drumsticks on a plate

Spoiler: Example

Spoiler: Summer

Ice Cream Warp Food

(Credits to @=SirArchAngel= )
- Warp food that looks like an Ice Cream Cone!

Sand Buckets

- Decoration
- Comes in different colors; Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Green

Sand Shovels

- Decoration
- Comes in different colors; Red, Green, Blue

Purple Bikinis

- Just like the normal bikinis but, PURPLE!

Crab Pet

Credits @%5B%5D%20Alvin%20Kok%20%5B%5D
-Red crab pet :P

Spoiler: Farm

ScareCrows (ADDED!)

- Decoration

Eggplant Hat

(credits to @Thanh_ )
- An eggplant on your head! ;D

Cow Set

- Cow Mask, Cow Shirt, Cow Pants and Tail
Spoiler: Example

Spoiler: Crafted


- Placed on a pony pet so you can ride it
- Can be crafted
Crafting Recipe: 5 Silver + 5 Cottons + Any dye (saddle would be any color) + 2 Ropes + Steel Hammer = Saddle (any color)

Fake Bird Wings

- Can be worn (when you wear this, it will go on your qbee's hands, not back)
Crafting Recipe: 10 Feathers (any) + 5 String + 2 Wood Blocks + 2 Glue + Saw = Fake Bird Wings
Gliding: You will be able to glide while wearing this. There will be an option to on/off in the realm setup.
Spoiler: Fake Bird Wings


Brown Dye

- Used to make Brown Clothes and Brown Plaster
- Recipe: Green Dye + Red Dye

Cotton Candy Machine

(Credits to @"HONEY BOMB" )
- You will put ingredients to make cotton candy. It's just like any other food (Chocolate, Halloween candy, etc.)
-Recipe: 2 Gears, 1 Glass, 4 Stainless Plates, Screwdriver

Cotton Candy

(Credits to @"HONEY BOMB" )
-Recipe: 3 cotton, 2 sugar, any dye (except black)
Red dye: Strawberry, Orange dye: Orange, Yellow dye: Lemon/Banana, Green dye: Apple, Blue dye: Blueberry, Purple dye: Grape, White Dye: Coconut

Bismuth Blocks

(Credits to @=SirArchAngel= )
- Made with Bismuth Ore
- Has an amazing rainbow effect on it
-Recipe: Put bismuth ore in forge

Bismuth Ore

(Credits to @=SirArchAngel= )
- Grey color
- Used to make Bismuth Blocks


- Can be used to craft Fake Bird Wings

Spoiler: Decoration

Flower Pot (ADDED!)

- When a flower is places on top, it would look like real flowers with stems and leaves.

Spoiler: Mobs


- Seagull found in Tropical Mines (gives you seagull feathers)
- Eagle found in Mountain/Forest Mines (gives you eagle feather)
- Crows found in Mountain Mines (gives you crow feathers)
How to find them : Just like fairies but in trees and instead on magic dust flying out of the bush, feathers would fly out of the tree.

Spoiler: Clothes

Cake Hat

(credits to @OrangeTail )
- The bottom of the hat would be like a plate and the top can be a cake
Spoiler: Cake Hat


Bubble Gum

- A clothing item. (mask)
- When you wear it, it would be like the qbee is blowing the gum.


-When you wear it, you get 8 extra inventory spots.
-When wearing, you must click on it in the outfit place to open it and be able to put items inside it. (Can't put a backpack inside a backpack)
-When you take off the backpack, the items will stay inside. If you want to take the items, you must wear it and take them out.

Spoiler: Cubit Store

Mini Mannequins

(Suggested by @spartaboss )
-Would be like a normal mannequin but the size of a shrink qbee
-3000c for 5, just like normal mannequins.

@CosmicCow @SirKewberth would be nice if you see these :D

This discussion will be updated every time I come up with new ideas!
Thanks for reading!

Updated- 23rd November 2018
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  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
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    +1 for all, especially THE SUNSET STAMP >:0
  • ValleyValley Member
    34.60 Karma
    Pony pet and sunset stamp!! >:0000
  • SnowiezSnowiez Member
    4.40 Karma
    +1 for all specially the cherry blossom stamp
    Oh wait these are our ideas sooo yeah i love them all xP
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    52.10 Karma
    BUMP! Added some things! Thought of them while staring at the wall :P
  • ValleyValley Member
    34.60 Karma
    -1 for birds, feathers and fake bird wings
  • SnowiezSnowiez Member
    4.40 Karma
    -1 for all those bird stuff sorry but not a good idea
  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
    edited April 2017 83.00 Karma
    +10 for everything
    And the bird idea could be connected with the tumbleweed idea
    And i will leave this here o3o
  • Tomk2005Tomk2005 Member
    6.75 Karma
    +1 for everything!
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
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    Bump! :D
  • SnowiezSnowiez Member
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  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
    edited April 2017 64.25 Karma
    :o Bird wings?
  • AJ BaryzaAJ Baryza Member
    64.50 Karma
    +1 to everything..
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    52.10 Karma
    BUMP! Updated!
  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
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    If you wanna check the suggestion of the cake hat, go here -> http://forums2.cubiccastles.com/index.php?p=/discussion/11106/cake-hat#latest
  • AJ BaryzaAJ Baryza Member
    64.50 Karma
    I love the glove! +1
    Because if you wear suit jacket, it will not cover all body... so if wear glove and suit at same time.... cool xD
  • [InSstep][InSstep] Member
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  • CharlaCharla Member
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  • edited April 2017 35.00 Karma
    +1 for all but getting feathers from the pet bird. I don't want my bird looking like this in a few weeks.

    also people would make feather farms for easy c.

  • SnowiezSnowiez Member
    4.40 Karma

    +1 for all but getting feathers from the pet bird. I don't want my bird looking like this in a few weeks.

    also people would make feather farms for easy c.

    xP I totally agree with that a pet should be just a normal pet like dogs or hoppers xD
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
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    *Saiiina* said:

    +1 for all but getting feathers from the pet bird. I don't want my bird looking like this in a few weeks.

    also people would make feather farms for easy c.

    xP I totally agree with that a pet should be just a normal pet like dogs or hoppers xD
    Hmmm, now that I think about it... It SHOULD be like other pets. It's now fixed! :D
  • SnowiezSnowiez Member
    4.40 Karma
    We'll be adding a few new suggestions tmro and everyone else u can feel free to leave any suggestion you like here if we like it we might add it to the thread :D
  • That QbeeThat Qbee Member
    2.15 Karma
    Nice ideas +1 or everything!
  • space_fetusspace_fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    127.35 Karma
    a lot of time and effort put into these ideas which is quite refreshing and the quality of them shows :)
  • Bluejay_1Bluejay_1 Member
    53.50 Karma
    +1 for everything +100 for the pony idea <3
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    edited April 2017 52.10 Karma
    Thanks guys!

    Gonna add new things soon! :D
  • ApricotApricot Member
    8.10 Karma
    Love the stamp ideas
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    52.10 Karma
    BUMP! added some new stuff. :D
  • ValleyValley Member
    edited April 2017 34.60 Karma
  • AJ BaryzaAJ Baryza Member
    edited April 2017 64.50 Karma
    the bubble gum thing looks like from growtopia tho.. but
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
    52.10 Karma
    Aj Baryza said:

    the bubble gum thing looks like from growtopia tho.. but

    I'm sure GrowTopia doesn't have a bubble gum clothing, but, it does have a bubble gum you can eat to fly, but if you're talking about the blue one, then that's a pacifier. :P
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