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"Starting the Game" Changes

Throughout the game's history, the tutorial has changed from a long strip of land with instructions along the line, to you climbing a hill with the tasks along the way. In addition, the starter realm size has gone from a 30x30 realm, to a 17x17 realm.and you can also buy a farm pack for 50 cubits, once per account.

In the starter realms there were hidden gifts from our admins. Little yellow presents. That (just like the presents we know today) when we broke them, gave us items to begin our journey.

"Our journey through time"

In the beginning of this fantastic game there wasn't even a lobby. There was one room, where all players spawned. This has obviously changed throughout the years and that room has now been replaced with a lobby. Our lobby has changed a few times, the place we use to get to different places: The overworld, Our favorite realm, The Cubic Learning Center, Adventure Story Mode, The town center and now with the latest update: The Farmer's Co-Op.

Beyond the fact that the lobby, realms and starter realms have changed. That is not all, by far. One of the greatest changes to our beloved game was when levels and experience was added to the game, and the max level was 50 back then! Now it is 60. But what is the biggest change that is ever happening in this game? Items. In the beginning we had loads and loads of items, but as the game aged we have had surprise after surprise of what new items were added. Leaving our community in shock every time a new item was given to us. From items that we now see as something going out of fashion because it's from 'last easter' or 'christmas so it has no use' We should cherish the most. The reason being that we don't even know what our admins have in store for us. This may mean that some of those items may never return the next time that time of year is knocking on our door.

I know most of you out there only know the 'cubit store' for what it is today. A place where you can get 1 random hat,pair of wings or such. So now, try to imagine a time, that when we all opened that store. We could browse through all the items there were and select what we wanted to buy. Hard isn't it? Well it was a reality, The cubit store has even undergone quite the changes throughout the years, we now expect a new pack available to us meanwhile back then everything in the game was at the tip of our fingers. Many of us thought it was a shame but it was a new beginning. It meant more trading, more community and more conversing among the other players. It was a nudge in the right direction that the admins gave us at the right moment. This is what brought the game together and therefore this is where we are now, maybe you will be the next one to make a big change.