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leafyfox 1234

hmmm should i get a new pfp


leafyfox 1234
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  • hmmm should i get a new pfp
    February 2019
    • leafyfox 1234
      leafyfox 1234
      what do u all think
    • Sarco
      Yours is perfect the way it is :3
  • I buy fox ears 100c add me in game if you sell plese also subscribe to my youtube channel please!!!
    February 2019
  • Sarco
    Joined: December 2018
    Last active: December 2018
    January 2019

  • i didnt get one and i was so angry but seems like the devs are just as mean to give me late and said i clled rich people mean lies
    December 2018
    • [BN]
      Hehehe I know everything about that
    • Koekenbak
      It was a joke leafy .I gave you that Piggy ...and the sign was ment as a (sarcastic) joke ! ( )
      I m srry for the misunderstanding ( i'm pretty embarrassed right now ) ;(
      Devs didnt give you 1 because you arent lvl 10 yet ...So i gave mine too you
      Grtz Koek
    • Coral Sword Of Justice
      Coral Sword Of Justice
      O my the the tea is hot.
    • Elemental god
      Elemental god
      2 requirements for getting it:
      1: be atleast level 10
      2: have played withing these 3 weeks

      look at your 1 number on your level you didnt reac level 10 so you didnt classify for the reward

      nice that you had someone who gifted it you tough ^^