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I found this game called Growtopia. It's similar to cc but 20 times bigger! The economy is way better, the player base is bigger, and there is a dedicated group of developers who constantly work on the game. Ubisoft bought the game a few years ago so they got the game covered. I''ve been playing this game if anyone has been wondering were I went. Feel free to join me :D As for my YouTube channel, I will no longer be uploading cubic castles videos. However, that does not mean that I am quitting youtube. I plan to start making growtopia videos as soon as possible. I've been grinding in growtopia, trying to profit and get some sort of semi-idle profit going. Once I can make at least 10wls (in game currency) per day without too much work, I'll start making growtopia videos. This will take me quite a long time so I may not upload for a month or two. I'm worried my channel may die off though so I may upload some random gaming videos here and there in hopes of my channel not dying completely


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