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Hope's Peak Academy


  • this is an amazing event but i am not gonna participate cause of what Pixel said. I used to suffer every week during Space’s race event because of the annoying chat bar that keeps showing up when someone enters the realm or gets a time.
  • i am not lagging at all.
    in Laggy play Comment by iCantiWill July 4
  • Still squeezing in a few extra things, but we'll be in final testing with a day or two I'd say. I'll try to get a preview vid going shortly. Thx for the update!
  • Oh please. You were all incredibly, abhorrently toxic towards Fetus when he was setting up, running, and judging the events that gave millions of cubits out. Now you want much more work done on the part of the staff who *will* get dragged through th…
  • whoever opposes can never be satisfied. people complain when they don't have events and when they do they start looking for flaws to point them out and nag about them. let Space come back in peace and next time you wanna complain do it in private in…
  • Y’all don’t realize how this is really good for cubic castles... This update will bring new types of parkours/mazes/puzzles/races etc...
  • I enjoyed the passage about rabbits!
  • How did you do? Math was kinda easy, i ran out of time tho... First passage in the reading section was interesting and fun, but the second one was really bad ;(. Grammar was pretty easy, repetitive questions. Unfortunately, i might take less than 10…
  • I love seeing players helping other players and not being sarcastic :D
  • How did you do? Math was kinda easy, i ran out of time tho... First passage in the reading section was interesting and fun, but the second one was really bad ;(. Grammar was pretty easy, repetitive questions. Unfortunately, i might take less than 10…
  • PontoZen has lost millions because of this new "make rare items worth a ton less" Who cares? No offense to Ponto ofc, but he risked it.
  • This easter was a disaster and that’s the brutal truth.
  • Jokes aside, from a scale from 1 to 10, i would give the pows a solid 2, just because i got some rabbit holes and egg baskets. What’s up with the devs being cheapskates xD, 1 rainbow block per pow? xD And let’s not talk about WallPlantZilla
  • Awesome as always Tam
  • Yeah bring them back, thank you for making this thread Kewberth. In my opinion, i don’t think virtual items should go over 100k cubits, it’s probably something you’ll get bored of later. I would like to point out that whoever thinks that there’s no …
  • I got SAT on May 4 as well, and i won’t be sleeping at all, like literally cause i have a prom party.
  • Try to Be Top 10 Above and You Got Only Halo and The Top 25 got ram what do you feel? I would be thankful for the halo instead of complaining, honestly tho all the expensive prizes should be given randomly to the top 200, doesn’t matter if 198th per…
  • Top 1-15 Ram Top 16-30 Krampus Top 31-45 Easter Umbrella (Prize for egg hunt?) +1 No, just no....
  • Granicus for gods sake. It should be random cause Kewberth said that he doesn’t want people to fight over one position, but that’s what people are doing now, they’re trying to get in top 50 so they can get the better prizes. WHAT DO YOU MEAN USELESS…
  • Its not free if you spend just as much time geting eggs as you would working a full time job lol. Not saying everyone on here is right I don't even know all that has been sad. But don't go bunching everyones words and complaints into "everyone is ju…
  • I am with Gdog on this, the level on entitlement is rather depressing. This is the most generous event by a significant margin, I believe Easter and Halloween are the only 2 events that allow everyone to get free stuff. I can kind of see where peo…
  • “Higher ranks will get the better prizes.” I don’t think all these arguments helped Kewberth...
  • Why are you guys still complaining? You wanted prizes for the top 200 and now you have it. Do you now want prizes for top 110 and have the event shorter?? Make up your mind. This was already recommended in the beginning of the argument Exactly, …
  • You can always make the event shorter. Then there would be no need to add 100 more prizes.
  • Event should end sooner IMO. +1
  • Btw Kewberth, remember the 2016 Krampus giveaway, you said that you got a chest full of krampuses ready to giveaway (so 15 krampuses) then you gave out like 50 Krampuses. No one complained, the price went low then it went up back again in a month.
  • Oh and don't forget the eggs are ALSO craftable into pows. So we went from 50 prizes a couple of years ago, to only pows, to over 100 very valuable prizes + pows. I really don't think anyone should be complaining. Ok so pows don’t really matter, pl…
  • What makes egg hunting harder is bunnyzilla, we don’t know whether we should wait for BZ or hunt for eggs.Nobody said anything about how many prizes there was until today. I can't help it if people just assume stuff. I’m sorry but you are the …
  • Maybe do a poll with 3 options: -Finish the event Monday -Remove the leaderboard -200 prizes