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Athena Shy

Any old players still around? I just returned.


Athena Shy
In TheTimMan's arms!
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Shop and Home of Athena Shy
Helping Hands (Leader)


  • Update: Dec 1st, 2018 Helping Hands has been restocked with free tools and crafting machines. I will personally be restocking the prize machines every Sunday until I can find someone/a team to restock them. Please direct any player(s) in need of …
  • I want you to all know that there is a player in game: Beautifuloli1234 I gave her perm in Helping Hands Shop to be a shopkeeper since I thought she was trustworthy but she decided to break one of the very old present boxes (the one you get in your…
  • Bump! Helping Hands Job Center is open! Please contact one of the owners for a job. We trade cubits for jobs. Information will be added later!
  • If you're on phone, press full site under vanilla forums then go to edit profile I am on the PC, but if I can't figure it out, I'll get on my phone. :)
  • I was actually speaking to a few people about this last night so I am going to bump my suggestion since the Holiday packs are coming out soon!
  • I loved it! ♥♥♥
  • Scammer: Scuzzly Scam: Stole items and used offensive language towards other players Time: Roughly 45 minutes ago Earlier today I trusted the player Scuzzly in two of my co-op rooms. He un-trusted everyone but himself, locked the room and then took…
  • 'LuvCubicCastles' stole from CubieKid. This included; 4 Cowls and 2 Top Hats. I know this player, I am doubtful she would risk her reputation for some common hats. You have not provided how she scammed. Also the picture seems unnecessary. I am jus…
  • Sugarcat101 Sugarcat's Castle Lvl 35 Jobs wanted: Mentor, Helper I've really liked helping newbies, mainly out of boredom but at one point it actually felt good helping newbies. I'd be delighted to help on an even larger scale. Please visit me in g…
  • Another report about an untrustworthy player that is making false claims. Yesterday my clan and I were working on a co-build at Helping Hands City. The player The4RealGirl entered our realm and persistently badgered me for my outfit. I explained t…
  • Please be wary of accepting donations from the player _*Alexander*_. Yesterday he entered my nonprofit Helping Hands Shop for lower level players and donated three items, Cloak, Ram Horns and Imp Tail. Today he berated another clan member about the…
  • I am a little overwhelmed with all the project I have going on, but Helping Hands plans to give out Jobs that pay cubits.
  • Username: 60thSnowyMonth Level: 21 Realm Name: "60th Day Of Mysteries (RPG GAME)" I want to be the person that gathers recourses :p Reason? Always wanted to help newbies. Awesome, if you meet me in game I can give you the permissions you need and s…
  • Do you have any tropical grass?
  • If you have any Tropical Grass on you, I will buy all of it.
  • Buying Tropical Grass, your price.
  • ♥♥♥ Recycled and updated ♥♥♥
  • Why are people being so negative? This is WHOLESOME content. Who wouldn't be excited to hang out with Sir Kew or Gdog? :) Nice photos.
  • Announcement for all team members: Everyone is doing great, thank you sooo much!! There are a few things I want to address. 1.) We have more than enough clothing, so please do not craft anymore. However it all needs to be dyed before we can give i…
  • @b3achy Even after reading that if there are blocks above your crops, I goofed and forget I planted my crops in a realm with a glass floor in the middle and at the top about 30 blocks apart. My crops didn't die though, they actually sprouted!
  • ♥♥♥ Bump ♥♥♥
  • If you can't find it, I put the star warps for the Co-Op Farm in a vending machine at the Helping Hands realm later last night.
  • Imo, all this should be put into an official thread or added to the wiki because that info isn't there.
  • Please Remove this comment
  • Cubic Castles Wiki - My Guide About Farming! - this was made before your discussion alre…
  • Doc & Nurse Hats are still obtainable. It's $10 for the Doc or $20 for both the Doc & Nurse Hats. Just a friendly suggestion, if you want to sell them "cheap" you should consider lowering your price. idk how to obtain those? is it from t…
  • Doc & Nurse Hats are still obtainable. It's $10 for the Doc or $20 for both the Doc & Nurse Hats. Just a friendly suggestion, if you want to sell them "cheap" you should consider lowering your price.
  • ♥♥♥ Team List has been updated. Also, our Monthly event is in 2 days! ♥♥♥ Most of the new team members don't have a forums account but I tried to tag everyone that does here. @Kavos @tackybunny
  • Hello Im xXAngelGamerXx My realm is City of AngelTopia I am lvl 20 I would like to be a mentor. And a clothier, I dont know if two jobs is possible. I would like to join because I want our players to be driven in the right path and help them jo…
  • Thank you all! I randomly generated some names to choose. Cubic Vappy won the in game raffle for the chick pet. b3achy, Missilence and Valley won the forums raffle, please contact me in game to pick up your pets. ♥