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  • They are all same percentage - so the change of every wearable is even. Ie.. there are no rares
  • Coming soon..stay tuned
  • Not currently running a beta. Will let everyone know when the next one goes live.
  • Sometimes small things can be big... It's actually good to try and identify the small things (sometimes things that seem small are big development time though) that are easy to do that really improve day to day playing when possible. But as we see i…
  • We did this on purpose. People have been asking for it for a long time. I guess there's no one perfect way. We could maybe add an option in the settings to pop it open for system broadcasts for people who still want that.
  • Well the steampunk pack may not have all you hope for now.. but we can always add more to it if it's popular. I was actually hoping to do some steampunk environments and stuff but I have to wait a bit as we need to upgrade some of the underlying tec…
  • I think the answer is no. I don't think realms you buy can have caves in them if I'm remembering correctly. Because they aren't really mines. MInes are special and regenerate.
  • Totally normal. Happens all the time in real life. Ask any fossil expert. It's shockingly realistic when you think about it.
  • There are steam scams going back years that steal accounts when I look online.. But it should be harder than getting you to click a link. If that's all it takes Steam has a big issue to look into. I couldn't find more news on it.
  • Well.. it seems like a major steam problem if merely clicking a link can take your account... Strange.
  • how exactly did the scam work?
  • Ok I know what we're going to do... So Stay tuned. It'll be simple because there's time and other limitations, but I'll have something setup. It won't be until the next update though.
  • I have nothing against the idea and certainly our Australian players have been very good to the game, but the tricky thing is actually getting something in place. I'm not sure we have enough players looking to donate that it would make a huge differ…
  • There are a lot of possible bottlenecks in realms. Graphics, network, cpu etc.. and the slowdown in any particular realm will depend on what that realm's designer did. In a game like half life or any game with pre-designed levels -- you can optimize…
    in Why? Comment by SirKewberth January 28
  • There was one started (by players not us) but it never caught on. We've considered just moving the forums there entirely sometimes, and not running our own forum.
  • Games like csgo etc... are pre-designed. It's not anything goes. If csgo decided to throw lots and lots of transparent items that overlap in their level design they could start to slow down even modern graphics cards and cpus, because every frame yo…
    in Why? Comment by SirKewberth January 25
  • No all the cars have the same speed. This is to allow players with different vehicles to race. The tractor is slower. Well.. ok.. I stand corrected. But that one was always intended for harvesting not racing.
  • No all the cars have the same speed. This is to allow players with different vehicles to race.
  • They are great! I love that we have a vehicle that isn't a car or something that drives on the ground. A floating witch broom will be great for Halloween ! Oooo. That is an awesome idea...
  • I don't think it's us. I had a spotty connection over the last few days too. I suspect maybe, at least in part, if not due to weather, it might be just a lot of people using skype etc.. to call people for the holidays. Things like that...
  • I guess I don't see why we would have to apologise? We gave away a lot of free cubits. Do any other games do this? If someone didn't get then they didn't meet the minimum criteria. I understand that can be disappointing but we have to have some stan…
  • To those disappointed they weren't able to get the gift, I'm sorry but it was not a mistake. The gift criteria is such that not all accounts will receive. We did give out a LOT of free cubits, but it's not possible to just simply give 1 piggy to eve…
  • With regards to the multi-pigs -- If you got more than one pig then just consider yourself lucky, and maybe consider sharing the extra with some friends who didn't get one for xmas. There was a glitch that caused a few accounts to get extra pigs.
  • We try to give as many regular players we can but there are a lot of tricky problems, so no not everyone receives. Mostly this is due to people knowing we do this every year and trying to cheat the system.
  • Well they can make support tickets if they feel something is off. That way it's easier for us to look directly into it.
  • Just wanted to add that if you feel you probably should have got a gift but didn't check your alt-accounts if you have more than one. The gift may be there instead of your main account.
  • What is name of acct that got 3 piggies?
  • Well we do have a concrete plan to grow the audience in 2020. So we'll see how that works out. But it's at least possible we'll have many more players at the end of next year than we do right now. And before you ask, we're not ready to announce anyt…
  • Well.. at some point soon I hope to open steam beta branch for overworld test server (same one gdog played on) -- Still fixing bugs. Then it depends how that testing goes and what suggestions people have etc... But basically once we feel that's robu…
  • I try to put out packs that are worth it just for the blocks that are in them even if you don't manage to get any rares. Ie the rare stuff should always be a bonus. But I think we're going to move away from that in 2020 generally. I'm not sure preci…