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Rin Shiraku

Ehhh I'm a bit bored I guess I will take 1 traditional request Whoever can guess the guy in my pfp is the one I will take (Yes this challenge is from fremy because I'am not creative I hope you don't mind)


Rin Shiraku
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  • Will do if you ready to take commission already ;) *sobs* If I could go back to digital and do commissions more leisurely ;w;
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm still alive I guess, I've gotten active recently on cc too :0c well not that much I have a few finished drawings and references I did but I will only show 2 I love this guy so much I can't help but keep drawing him ^^ I did…
  • Bump and art dump I drew some of the drawings in used up school work HAHAHA don't mind me Oh my gawd what's my shouto doing ! Σ( ° △ °|||)︴ Totally something that you are not thinking Was thought of why that sad face :0 he shy shy ;) he bl…
  • Bump and art dump I drew some of the drawings in used up school work HAHAHA don't mind me Oh my gawd what's my shouto doing ! Σ( ° △ °|||)︴ Totally something that you are not thinking
  • I'm back with some arts OC Arts Spoiler because there are some words that shouldn't be mentioned here. FANARTS If you know who are those ppl and where they are from then kudos to you Sorry if I haven't informed you guys Requests Ar…
  • Bump and art dump Rough oc sketches And some random bois that I roughly sketch around 10 mins- 1 hour If you know these guys in order, then a harto for you ^^ I drew some of the drawings in used up school work HAHAHA don't mind me
  • Back with some art And getting ready for easter~ cries why u look so mwessy :')
  • I'm back with some arrrttt... ehh well mostly body practice I'll put them in a spoiler because I'm warning you I'm not sure if this is exposing too much skin but I'm just doing body practice and no it isn't nsfw it's just exposure of too much skin …
  • i really love how you draw hands sdfghjklkhgfddf?? Hands are cursed beings , now don't let me get started on drawing bare feet TwT , it took me around 1-3 retries on hands unless I'm on ballpen which makes me repeat the whole thing whuu...
  • *Casually walks in and throws some art* just checking out my folder to see some drawings I made previously Fanarts for another game , except for the last 3 pics , if you know this game then kudos to you Thanks~
  • Your art is so adorable ;w; Thank you so much! ^^
  • Once again, I don't draw anime, but yours is so inspiring. Amazing job! Aaa thank you so much! ^^ )/ I got a new drawing while I was sick kek I scanned it this time because I gave up on my laptop's camera HAHAHAHA
  • d a m n yes d a m n :o wb rin Thank you! ^^ but I will still be inactive though owo;
  • BUMP , I'm so sorry for my lack of update and well my inactivity for a few months but I would be still here inactive but might be posting very long. So you might not remember who I'am but anyways here's some of my art During New year And rand…
  • you are improving so much.... aaaa I'm proud of you >:3
  • Aaaaa! I'm out of the grave.... not , I know this was like last month and I know I haven't improve that much so I will just give you my wips that I never finished and some of the lazy refs I did, I know I have more drawings but me just taking a pict…
  • Im inlove with them eyes I'm inlove on how bad my anatomy is h o w Magic jk- Heyooo back with a lil bit of lazy art~ one for lil Shu (which I made a furry) one for my Oc cuz why not? Shushi uwu Mlem Oc owo Look on how much my art is getting…
  • Lol i knew this was gonna happen Same , probably one of the reasons why I didn't join because of my suspicions made by my instinct but for all the great artists who joined even though there's no prize and you feel like you lost something , still th…
  • Rinny rin rin~ is torteen~ , yep 13, (COUGH) I'm still playing at the playground for toddlers :'D (jk no I don't I keep myself locked in my room) I'm just re using some old art ;w; because I'm a lazy child btw for some people who might not know …
  • Hey hey~! I just seen this thread annnd~ I need to know if anime style is alright here! if so this spot is reserved!
  • Just random art , I srsly don't have that much to show mmm, look at that ugly hand writing practicing drawing tears- this is not vent well anyways that's all I got to show not much but eh ok
  • HEYAAA MISS ME? XD ok no probably- LOL I'm back and I'm on semestral break now! and here some art~ that I forgot to post because of school work qwq @DsBerrypaw 's Request~! Complete I changed the costume and glasses a bit- is it acceptable, I hope…
  • owo I'm alive- but- but but! butt-jk *inhales* let's go with the lazy art first I forgot to post like last week- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Traditional Drawings Will Be Posted From Now On! ----------------…
  • isnt yakuza the name of those japanese gangs? other than that its pretty cool! Yes it is uwu , Since the alignment of Yakuza is chaotic evil ,mostly :p they act as two different persons but they are the same , Y…
  • I just made an oc nothing much
  • Pokehuman Challenge , and I did Shiny Mega Rayquaza sorry for the laziness =w=;
  • Another art for a fwend uwu