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  • You will need to contact support by opening a ticket here thank you
  • thats because the sun goes around such a way that minutes doesnt have to be adjusted, just the hours also to make it esier for people that travel around the world It odd tho. Say ur at a border. One side is 3:47 am. U cross the border and not it is…
    in It true Comment by Osom9000 October 2018
  • None of my friends are left, sadly ;-; They just grew up which really maddens me because I'm the same age as them! I refuse to believe that I'm childish. Same. Im 16 and dont care. Cc is fun
  • I know how you feel. 2 really good friends of mine quit one day then never got back online :Q: I been playing on this account a little ober a year and i have lost about 15 good friends. I hate it.
  • Best place to find recipes for items in the game is this page: Been there but when I click on items nothing happens
    in Bombs Comment by Osom9000 August 2018
  • You could try building a castle, but I am assuming you only have a 17x17 realm, so it would have to be pretty smallno I buy rooms for my creations all 16 of mine have their own room
    in Building Comment by Osom9000 April 2018
  • What kinds of blocks and things do you like? Any I use any block I think will look best no matter what it takes to make
    in Building Comment by Osom9000 April 2018
  • Banned for to many A's in their name.
  • Scam and bad language
  • Hospital? And what realm are all these places in? I wanna see :D it is in shop and play area but it's a maze so u should add me and wait till I'm on xD
    in Ideas Comment by Osom9000 January 2018
  • I paid 100c to rent a rental because there was a nuke there and I went to destroy it but couldn't cause the rental was 5 blocks high and I said /owner and the owner was there I confronted him but he kept denying it and he banned me. Owner was zaki 2
  • And sometimes they won't accept
  • Add me CAUSE my place is a maze
    in Park Comment by Osom9000 November 2017
  • So I was mining in the arctic realm and I was gonna go back to my realm so I eat the warp food for the burger bumper I had in my realm and it says it is not available so I thinks that's weird and I leave and go to my realm thru the lobby and when I …