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Praying for the victims and their families, the amazing first responders, and my hometown.


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b3achy's Mini-Emporium
Level 60 (as of 4pm EDT, 30 May 2018)
In Game (CC): Mining & Building with a few Vends for selling Ores/Oil/Gems; ~~ Out of Game: Stand Up Paddleboarding (Racing), Helping at Church / Bible Study, Working out, Other Non-violent Online Games, Puzzles, Logic Problems/Sudoku, Reading Christian Novels, Data Science-y stuff
Super Qbeez!!


  • The soil will dry after about 12 hours, but the plant will require more watering before 24 hours is up. All the plants take longer than 12 hours to grow. The length of time for them to mature depends on the soil. Just be patient and water them if…
  • ive seen it before. i dont understand why THAT would be a rare and costly item XD. Because it was hard to get from the summer pack that it came in.
    in Question Comment by b3achy August 23
  • Anvils / New Workbenches: Anvil should not have any recipes that require resources needing another machine to make (for example signs require charcoal, but you need a furnace to make charcoal and may not have one yet if you are new player). Anvil…
  • It would be nice to have a centralized trusted place to have some vends, but totally understand how it was getting to be too much of a chore for Whim to have to set the vends multiple times a day all by herself to keep the CS open, especially with m…
  • I just want the pigs to give bacon...
  • Mine does this every so often...especially if I clear my cache. But sometimes it does it on it's own. I suspect it is a security feature to make you sign in periodically.
    in Is this new? Comment by b3achy August 16
  • Rather than it being a perk, I'd prefer to see something like this be a short time buff from eating one of the foods. Maybe a sugar high gives you a dash buff? get different lengths of dash buffs depending what you eat...a cake gives more tim…
    in A dash Comment by b3achy August 15
  • Still a good idea. Especially to tell us which realms are the official ones and not some realm named the same by another player. But yes, would be nice to have the owner name in the list to help with disambiguation of same named realms.
    in Realm Names Comment by b3achy August 12
  • Congrats! I've bought a lot of packs, and still haven't gotten one yet.
  • +1 +2 if the bumper keeps me from pulling my own bushes when I'm harvesting [But also would like a fruit/cotton/rubber harvester tool (like hand held picker that is the handheld version of a tractor), so I don't have to deal with sometimes pulling…
  • Woo hoo! Peacock hat to go with the tail!! Excellent! Love the pink and black wings which reminds me a bit of a flamingo! Like the other wings too! Very nice options! Glad to see so many new items coming into the game! :) Thanks for all the har…
  • "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." ~ Charles Caleb Colton “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” ~ Oscar Wilde
    in Design Copy. Comment by b3achy August 9
  • Woo hoo for the peacock tail! \o/ Too bad no peacock hat (similar to the lady bug, but blue with a few more 'antennae'). Fingers crossed for some chicken tail feathers, that come in different colors (for other birds - blue jay, pink flamingo, et…
  • If you are going to have set times to race, can you be sure to have a couple of days of having the race track open so people can practice before they have to race in that time period? Some days are just better than others for some of us that are th…
  • If rats, then we must have weasels, ferrets and squirrels too...must have squirrels...and they need to dart around instead of following us directly. Well maybe that could be a feature, where they dart around. But honestly, most pet rats (I dont kn…
    in PET RATS! Comment by b3achy August 5
  • I wish they'd make this a regular thing sold in the cubit store. It's really pretty handy for building and mining, and shame it was a one time item.
  • +1 Turtles would be cool. Though I'm more of a heron, pelican, flamingo, dolphin, ray, manatee kind of gal. But my RL BFF loves turtles, so I can support it.
    in Turtle Pet Comment by b3achy August 4
  • If rats, then we must have weasels, ferrets and squirrels too...must have squirrels...and they need to dart around instead of following us directly.
    in PET RATS! Comment by b3achy August 4
  • Instead of top 5, why not have mod top 3 and community top 3? That would be only one extra prize. In another game I play, the admins/devs choose the top three in the art contests, but then they have a community prize as a fourth prize, where t…
  • Ah...glitch was BMT...(before my time)...only been here since mid-2017.
    in Just asking... Comment by b3achy July 31
  • Looks if we could just get some cute tail feathers (like for a peacock or a flamingo), I'll be a very happy camper.
  • Probably an alt account...might have an extra space in the name...or the l in Eagle is a capital i (which looks like an l - I)... Or it's someone impersonating him using either the above options or some other to try to fool you.
    in Just asking... Comment by b3achy July 31
  • Congrats to the winners! Well done to all the players that participated! Thanks Space for organizing these events! Love them! :)
  • Congrats to the winners! Thanks Space for all the hard work to put this together and to the mods who helped narrow down the field for voting. Well done to all who participated! Keep building! :)
  • a mask that looks like a giant floating baby head from Phineas and Ferb? (And if you had invisibility cloak XD) -100 to the fetus head... +10 to the big baby head from Phineas and Ferb...that thing always cracks me up when it shows up in the backgr…
  • I wish there was a market place where when we loaded our vends, they'd auto post the item, quantity and amount to the market place with a way to TP to the vend. A person's vend would get posted with all other vends globally and then buyers could pr…
  • I still want a garden stamp and a cat scratching post (to counter the dog kennel) stamp. A museum would be nice too for all those wonderful art projects people build. Maybe a tree house / club house for the 'hang out' locations? I don't think the…
  • Aw, I didn't get a chance to try it since it is already shut down...oh, well. Hope those that did had fun! There are folks across all time zones and some folks that can only play the game at certain times during the day. 11 hours for an event isn…
  • I would make around 1K - 1.5K cubits daily from maintaining a basic resource shop that sold ores, gems, oil, marble, and eventually dirt, grass, trunks and other blocks and crafting resources like berries, cotton, rubber, and sticks. But you have t…