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hey Guy's I no longer play cc on Pertwee, I play cc on a new account called "WeeeWeee


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I don't play cc
I don't play cc
I don't play cc
I don't play cc


  • Oh yes this has happened to me before, I don't suggest buying the item pet's as you don't know the real lvl, But this has happend on one of the plasma things I had, There normal plasma's Just renamed..And ya I knew this bug for sometime
  • This has happend to me before, Except I try and open the game and it repteadly happens :U and pimydd it's happend to me to
  • The black and grey scarf sounds , BOOTYFUL :)
    in Suggestions Comment by Pertwee July 2017
  • Well what makes cc boring is the economy it's self, I just think people are to rich, And..You can accomplish a lot with money, But, Once you complete all your goals...What is there to really do? Sure there is building but...Some peeps get to bored o…
  • Thx for the replies, I'll see if I can get a new mobile device..It use to be more fun when it had better texture's..
    in Textures Comment by Pertwee July 2017
  • I'm confused XD like always, I went on google and found this
  • Honestly clothes for pets is really stupid .-. Even in general, or in real life...
  • What about a lobby? :V I do it all the time..I let all the dirt and junk I don't need out and into the lobby!
  • YUUSS. I know what I'm building. Btw @Mabz can we build the ramm statue with a partner? You my boy clearly Did not read the rules..Make sure to read them and you will know the answer!
  • More then 1M Back in the early cc day's
  • No I don't, but honestly I think I'm a old qbee almost 3 years playing this game coming up on September 3 2017 3rd year anniversary, yea...
  • Agreed, i worked hard for the stuff i have. But it's terrible how you call them "noob". honestly call them "new players". I do agree that new players are getting spoiled. But there the new Cubic casltes generation. No one will want old players anymo…
  • Cars are dirt cheap. 3500c is 1/3 of the price of the cheapest pet. If you can't earn 3.5k you aint poor, you're bone idle. Not to be rude but i agree with him gdog, i've been playing for almost 3 years.. People can be poor. And most people who a…
  • Well i currently tried playing on iPad and other iPad's and i have been lagging out of cc a lot. i Tried 3 different WiFi'a and 4 different iPad just to confirm this. And texture have been glitching. I am guessing cc is not supportable for the 1st i…
    in iPhone4 Comment by Pertwee March 2017
  • This is a different server. i understand JadaBug Made a helping hands server but this is for people who wanna help new players!
  • Earlier today, we received a Holla from the Lord of the Bunny's and the King of Easter himself, BunnyZilla. - I managed to nab 23 Easter Baskets from his graciousness, before he fell back into his slumber. However, I am posed with the questi…
  • Ban the player above you!!! Ban, Ban, Ban and Ban everyone!!!!!! Welcome to "Ban the player above you" Game Topic Here you'll able to ban everyone above you (but you can't really ban them XD) The rules are simple: The person who posted before you …
  • I would love to offer some tools and the crafting machines also I can make some varnish and stuff I will get to work tomorrow and I will hit u up with a req and I'll hand of the items Realm Is Pert's Town (will be renamed)
  • Giving them everything on a golden plate won't help. It just teaches them to depend on others to make a living. Teaching them how the basics, without giving them anything, helps much more. I personally won't donate because I don't trust that my item…
  • Skylar And Mermaids Awesome New Legs! Glamour ! Fashion ! Style ! Piggy Legs! back when cube was a mod