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BJDware's Lair.
Feeding my Feather hat addiction. Collecting Cave art. Hoarding. Popping balloons. Finding uses for [sticks]. AFK'ing.
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  • Just gonna drop this here, I Am a retired player, waiting on some worthy content updates to come back to in the future. Alas, it is hard to be appraised of such things. Checked the steam news/updates for cc, very little. Facebook.. i rarely open a…
  • I don't know who BJDware is, for all I know he is a former moderator. BJDware is one of the game moderators. "Former" is correct. Former game moderator. Former Forum moderator. Former Steam forum moderator. Former Wiki Chief editor. Former CC playe…
  • I'm over 30, and i know many other players who are in my age group.
  • Technically, i'd say it is already included upon the TOS, though not specifically. It's one of those grey area's and one of those rules that can loosely translate to what is needed to cover the company. You may not attempt to trade items, cubits o…
  • Graphics: 1024x768, DirectX 10 What is your graphics card? Is it onboard or card? Desktop or laptop? One way to check: 1. Right click desktop 2. Select "Display settings" 3. Select "display" 4. Scroll down and select "Advanced display settings" 5…
  • Here is a thought. Having a "teleport to realm" button upon a friends profile. One that will send you to their Favorited realm. @CD87 made me think of it, as i would love to revisit some of my retired friends realms. Or just stalk the current ones xD
  • Celebrate Ol Ware's birthday, with a coobit sale and an abundance of Feather hats! >:D @SirKewberth
  • Voted to keep the same. Vends were never intended to be a replacement for Register trading, but as an ease of access for established traders. Not an essential device really. If anything, i would like to see a price raise. It's not that i hate them,…
  • I Think everyone have already covered most of what i wanted to say upon this topic, but i'll also throw this in,
  • It's not random letters i assure you ;)
  • Covered that here:
    in Chest Comment by BJDware June 2018
  • I think this would be a pain to have if you wanted that item back... There is a difference of opinion on the possible mechanics amongst fellow posters upon this topic. How would you like to see the mechanics for you personally?
  • I think that this is rather a nice idea. It would be really useful for organization and some other stuff. Although I don't remember who said it before, but it would be pretty cool if an AI pop-up would appear similiar to the ones used in bunnyzillas…
  • Boop! Bumped for new input :3
  • Good Idea.. +1 xD.. And Maybe Can Be Deco , Put Them In A Table Or Something I Had the same line of thought. Would be nice to place an empty bottle or a bottle with a fairy upon a table, shelf or such, as decoration.
  • I'm Tired of reading this topic.
  • The Friend list has always been a recurrent topic, and i am not surprised. It is something worthy of improving at some point in the future. And it has so many potential possibilities! - Add nicknames to friends. Some people change names so frequent…
  • well yes but info bumper will cost you right? Well it sounds like a worthy and logical goal for all them hard earned Cubits, right? :) But yes, only choices are to purchase a compass or an info bumper. If none can be afforded or acquired, then the …
    in realm size Comment by BJDware June 2018
  • As the Game's current trading system dictates, players have two confirmations prior to the completion of a trade. Once a trade is complete, it is an agreed confirmation by both parties involved. There is no refund policy installed by the system. Th…
  • "Make an ongoing sentence" Do retired Mods count? :3 "Erase"!
  • If you are not familiar with the mechanics of an Ender Chest: Ender chests are a type of chest that can store items, and whose contents can be accessed from anywhere in the world either, by the same, or another Ender chest. Regardless of where or w…
    in Safe Comment by BJDware June 2018
  • I Would have expected a more in depth suggestion, such as the ability to Dye vanity items (in Orange! Or any other color). Though it would be slightly conflicting with items such as angel/dark angel wings. :/ But anyways.. i prefer black or purple,…
  • New Poll installed! Be sure to check out the first topic post to join the poll. what about if they make wearables stack by 10 or 20 I Do believe i mentioned that upon the poll :)
  • ...I don't think valuables should be stackable, for reasons of vending machines or prize dispensers. And yeah, the issue that Gdog brought up as well... As i mentioned in reply to Gdog, it is an issue that should not reflect upon this topic. 1. As s…
  • Gonna bump this. Many had good points about this suggestion. But please do remember, that the suggestion is not in depth, and is easily subject to optimization. Eg. - Different stack size limits for certain item types - Vend limitations to disallo…
  • Maximum of 30 "Inna-box's" per room. I Was kinda disappointed in the limitations myself when the farm animals got released. I Wanted more of each animal in my room. That didn't work out lol. Be nice if it could be bumped up to at least 40 imo. Tho…
  • Got nothing to say about this.. except.. "About time!" and
  • Probably not an appropriate topic tbh..
  • Well over 30 here. It's my belief that age is not a factor in gaming. If its what you enjoy, its simply what you enjoy.