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Oh man... I havent played this game for a month (maybe) Like 3 or 8 months? O_O


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BG/CB's Realm
20 - 21
Drawing, Reading, Sleeps..*yawn*
Nothin' :/


  • Scammer: THE KING OF THE CUBIC 27 OCT 2017 At Pen's Yard Rental Pay for 50c to play 'choose the chest' (?) I was sellin' some stuff on 2nd floor, until i heard "scammer" from first floor. It looks like a game, pick a chest, u Will get potato seeds.…
  • "Woooffy" ;) Get it? '-'
  • I've seen this in the desert.. It's perfect for the survivors;P
  • Owner: CubeHood Its a room full o' items And rent
  • Owner: itsmejoence Its a muted room He Hollad: "I sell top hat for 10c ;-;" Using a vending machine and the price is 20000c EDIT: This guy named Cody here, said "Ultimaz IS a SCAMMER"(?) Heres the pic (sorry if theres something wrong in the…
  • Owner: Chris215 It the room, that portal leads to his/her realm (Chris215) This guy wants him/her to getting away from the rent but he/she didnt, he/she jumped right in front of him before he gets a Santa Shirt for 100c I got out before he b…
  • Anonymous 2 scammed another guy (he was reported once more here + many times in game) Is he from Indonesian or no? Cuz I saw some few players used anonymous name, i think?
  • Owner: 7mory (I think) Holla: "giveaway :o" Not really a giveaway, it was rental and its a room Heres the other realm's
  • Nama: CUBIC-STYLE Giveaway, muted realm, warp foods in vends.. I saw 1 Player got in and got the prize.. The realm's muted By Cubic-Style..
  • Scammer James oo7.. with alternatif acc Realm name might be: DEAD MAN CHEST Strikes again with 2 fancy blocks on 2 foundations I pretend that I lag back there, and saw 2 owners deadman and egisoper..
  • GUYS LISTEN ITS VERY IMPORTANT! I FOUND A NEW SCAM THAT CAN BE TO THE NEW VENDS! owner is putting PHANTOM FOAM! to the glass and to the vend...when you buy the item you cant get it and the item is to the ground...not even the owner can pick it unles…
  • Player Name:Laboss He was bribing people to subscribe to his channel.That part seems ok , but then when people go in he talks all the items and runs away.I dont know if this counts as a scam but this should be stopped. Ikr Is it illegal? For example…
  • Realm name: I'm Super Poor :( Who is the owner? :-|
  • Cubic Town Center Scam name Leon, he has 2 account include this account Standing on the raffle box, didnt care wat people and the sign said so.. His other account's first name is Leon ...... (I Forgot the last name)
  • SCAM WARNING: Be more aware at the moment as many people are out to scam some c to buy a few cars when they come out. '_' No way... They're doin' that just for the cars? XD Ok, that's a serious problem.. ._.'
  • Omg... Where are the Cars.... ;-; ;-; ;-; I got home from school here xD (indo)
  • Omg... What time... ;-; Im so patience here, CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE O-O
  • Cubic time : Sun Feb 19 21:36:55 2017 Players name : Vanessa Balreira No payaways anymore RIGHT? If I'm wrong comment..... Yea i agree i have seen one player got in and idk he/she got the prize cuz theres no things like mushrooms or sands....
  • 17 Februari 2017 Payaway By lolppppdi (again) In Pen's Hard Rental on 2nd floor Get in 100c Cant post the pic ._.'
  • Scammer: Lolppppdi In Pen's Yard Rental Payaway 200c No food bumper 16 February 2017
  • We have submitted cars to Apple. When they approve, we will make sure everything is working well, then launch. Thanks for being patient :) The day we have been waiting for, CARS ARE LAUNCHED or whatever Just dont know when ;-; [spoiler] When wi…
  • Gah, cant take it anymore. Caaaaaaaaarrrrrrsssss...... i think about im riding a car everyday xD
  • Me waiting for the cars :'( Ha-ha-ha.. xD May I keep it as my profile pic? Im dieing xD
  • It's a lie, have patience when they are ready already will be in CCWe just gotta wait for two more days, or maybe Cosmic lied to us again '-' I think he's gonna make us hype until april then he's gonna april fools us x.x Lol, *1 April* Broadcast: …
  • We just gotta wait for two more days, or maybe Cosmic lied to us again '-' I think he's gonna make us hype until april then he's gonna april fools us x.x Lol, *1 April* Broadcast: The Cars Pack has crashed, we are not adding cars to the game! LOLO…
  • about the cars can we do car horn ...if we dont can do that can mods or admins fix that Agreed..
  • I like bump people's cars idk why XD
  • Imagine if there is a Pink Wuvva Convertible for valentines day... :3 ._."
  • i dunt wanna read 289 posts to see if it's been said, so ill just say it here. not sorry if it's repeat of someone else. it bears repeating. BOO TO DEV'S ON ALLOW/DISALLOW CARS BUMPER! it's outright extortion n nasty way to force ppl to pay for som…
  • Can i just say, there should be a special cars where all the ppl who cant afford a car, should be able to use. Could be called rental car. It could be used in races, u could set a price for them to rent it for a certain amount of hours and how much …