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  • Great job Siddd! That was a lot of fun! Not too hard but not too easy. I may or may not have understood your hint that you may or may not have left. I'll be checking out the other two you mentioned over the weekend. A balance between easy and some …
  • What were the names of your previous Halloween maps Siddd? The 2 other spooky maps I finished were Sid's Horror Story: The Well and Sid's Horror Story: Mars (There was a couple of others I started working on but never finished)
  • As a fan of all of Sid's halloween maps I can promise people this will be a lot of fun and I can't wait to test it out! Would suggest you try a raft related horror Sid but we both know the horrors a raft at sea can bring you me and Gdog! See you al…
  • Thanks Sid For the awesome event, it got me some goosebumps e.e You are very welcome! I had great fun building it, almost got a pet from level 0 - 50 as well whilst doing it :D An unrelated note: I left a hint somewhere on this thread, a hint that…
  • Omg tysm for anubis mask !!!!!! That clown makin me rofl All i want to say is .....kill that damn bear ! Well done on getting it! The poor bear means no harm D: (mostly) not trying to be greedy, just wondering. Also, I sent that message before t…
  • I have no words to describe this fun adventure! I had a lot of fun! Although i am mad the clown tricked me everytime i tried to give him a hug ;) Hehe, sometimes clowns need hugs too! I find that persistence can sometimes be rewarding. Me and a fr…
  • Prize Update: Kew has given me some items to give away to people who complete the adventure! All you need to do is finish The Road and hit the bumper at the end for a chance to win! - 4 top winners will be chosen randomly to receive a prize on the …
  • Wait you mean you can't see monster mash under blocks o-o? Nope! The only reason you can see the other parts is that they are not 'true' full blocks, the side of a full block touching another block will go invisible (all 6 sides touching = complete …
  • prizes? If there were, I wouldn't say so :) I want people to play my maps for fun and I just don't want people to run through full speed; skipping everything in the hope of a prize. Why not check it out anyway? :D
  • I don't think they should make the ranger compass perma, they should just add a basic compass that is craftable.
  • Not sure why you guys went way off topic! This can be closed now :) Thanksyousss.
  • OK.. fixed it on our end. We'll submit a fix for this shortly. It is only affecting the Steam build right now since that's the only one with the new code. Its a really strange thing but it had to do with bouncing block gravity. When you bounce on …
  • Well... it's been a while.. I'd have to look at code to be 100% sure.. but I believe it's distance based and not specific placement. Hmm, alrighty! That is probably enough information for me to make a workaround, thankyou Mr Kewberth Sir!
  • Accel rings placed close to doors will break, and accel rings that get hit constantly. This is to prevent people creating nasty loops to trap player with rings. Ok, thanks! Do they only break if the Accello is placed on the block in front of a door …
  • bump, 4 months later and all issues still relevant. also added the following: - Pet Deaths - When trying to level up your pets it is very frustrating when they keep dying when working with dangerous materials (with which there is a lot) This needs…
  • SirKewberth 12:14PM intended to be permanent... but the exact nature of how its sold and prices etc.. may change
  • I’m selling ancient tech IX in a realm called “why did I make this” for 1k Thanks, got it!
  • -No longer buying pizza face or cola warp- Still Selling: Krampus 2014 for 550k Still Buying: (For 1k each) - Cubiosaur (Need: I, III, VI, VIII, IX, X, XIV) - Ancient Tech (Need: II, III, VI,XIII)
  • -bump- Still buying the following: 35,000c - Pizza Face (Let me know) - Cola Warp Bumper 1,000c - Cubiosaur (Need: I, III, VI, VIII, IX, X, XIV) 1,000c - Ancient Tech (Need: II, III, VI, IX, XIII) Selling The Following: Krampus Mask 2014 - 550K (M…
  • Sid, would you know to answer the other questions I asked? I am unsure about the multiple accounts thing with your siblings, it may be best to message Kew directly.
  • Sir Kewberths reasoning is literally detailed in the stickied post: "I choose this way because I think it's a bit more fair for people playing and I don't wont people obsessing too much about their spot. I think at some point it's not as fun if you…
  • Being higher on the list will result in a better prize in general, however the exact position does not guarantee what prize exactly.
  • I imagine they was nerfed due to the 200 rares going out, the single deco block was an odd choice though I will admit, i'll just add them to my pile of thousands :P
  • I am with Gdog on this, the level on entitlement is rather depressing. This is the most generous event by a significant margin, I believe Easter and Halloween are the only 2 events that allow everyone to get free stuff. I can kind of see where peo…
    in Egg Hunt 2019 Comment by Siddd April 20
  • What is "the top collectors" classified as? Top 100? 50? 150? 25? The block in the Town Center is counting 200 people so i'm hoping it's the top 200 collectors.
    in Egg Hunt 2019 Comment by Siddd April 17
  • How big is the radius. At the start of last years it was like 3 blocks which is tiny. It was doubled after right? I still think it was a little too small even after it was increased, I hope it's slightly bigger this year :P
    in Gdog's Vids Comment by Siddd April 10
  • I have done a fair bit of building like some others so would be somewhat disheartened, though glad to hear it may not be necessary. It makes me sad when people exploit small games like this, I sure hope all those involved got a perma ban (One that l…
  • If someone wishes to remain invisible for whatever reason then, as said above, we should respect that. You can't force another person to hang out with you against their will, that wouldn't be so nice.
  • Updated With The Following: Crops W/ Stamp - Crops withering with a stamp needs to be removed or some kind of warning in place. I am the kind of clumsy person to put 50,000+ recubes worth of fairy crops in storage realm forgetting there is a stam…