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Ugh,,, I'm losing enthusiasm to play again.


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  • Ugh,,,
    I'm losing enthusiasm to play again.
    March 2017
  • I wish I was more charismatic and, sorry if the word offends anybody since a lot of people who I see are, a bit more irritating and ignorant. I can't really have a shop when I'm as literate and stern as I am because I can't get sales easily, and I can't have a shop when I can't beg and advertise everywhere and just be a pest to the point people might actually come by and buy something.
    And I mean, without hollas. Without relying to shouting out to the whole world. I mean, a steady flow of people popping in and maybe buying something.
    March 2017
  • 12.75k Dirt, on the road to 20k
    March 2017
  • I feel bad because I found out one of my old friends from before I left got scammed (all the actual good blocks in the realm I built for her and her brother were taken) and it looks recent and I probably seem like I did it. I thought she was inactive as well, so I unfriended her when I started playing again and just recently remembered I had a portal in there that I wanted to take to use it (the portal was to my own realm, and I purchased it, so I saw no reason I couldn't) and found my portal along with everything else gone.
    I want to try to prove I didn't do it but there's legitimately no way I could make it not seem like it was me, because there's too many coincidences pointing to me.
    Maybe I had my account taken during my absence, but the password wasn't changed or anything? Because I meant the portal was gone, both in hers and my realm, and I never moved my portal.

    Actually yeah, I might want to try to change my password...
    Can't lose my 11k Dirt.
    February 2017
  • When the Cubepocalypse occurs, I will stand on my mountain of Dirt as I am the last Qbee alive who owns the entirety of the world's Dirt.
    February 2017
  • If there ever comes a day where Dirt is a purchasable block in the Cubit Store I'm going to regret the fact I at least spend about 12 hours a week purely mining in Spyre Forest Mines (not sure if Spyre mines are still 100x100 but still, it's a more peaceful place anyways)
    February 2017
  • Officially reached my 10k goal! At 11372 Dirt :)
    February 2017
  • I think I'm finally catching up with the new generation
    I am setting up a shop, GASP
    February 2017
  • Woo, road to 10k!

    Wait you think I'm a YouTuber? Hah, no! Who wants to be one of those? Road to 10k Dirt mined!

    (I have 9300 something Dirt from purely mining, in my inventory)
    February 2017
  • When you are putting a lot of effort into building a room but you're discouraged because you can't give it a realm portal
    February 2017
  • I feel like I'm the only person who gets really enthusiastic over the littlest things I could do to get exp-
    February 2017
    • 007 Awesome 007
      007 Awesome 007
      Welcome back :)
    • Avian
      Welcome not back since you've been here :)
  • Also I can't believe I haven't played for nearly a whole year. That's actually really surprising to me. At least I still have my 6k mined Dirt <3
    February 2017
  • Profile picture by KVantas
    March 2016
  • Avian changed their profile picture.
    March 2016