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Sud Piececoin_9742

The war has ended. Everything is silent.


Sud Piececoin_9742
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Chemistry, wasting hours of my time on the forums, daydreaming, giving myself equations to solve, thinking of ridiculous ideas, competitive smogon player, reading boring book reviews, self-studying logic


  • The war has ended. Everything is silent.
    March 2017
  • Can't care less. Good luck for the Easter Egg Hunt everyone. I missed by 200+ eggs to .KICE. the other time.
    March 2017
  • Officially carefree now
    February 2017
  • Reaper Bear
    I see you have stalked well and found the
    "Hobbies: ...Martial Arts" ʕ•,•ʔ
    February 2017
  • Some people are just 'plain desperate'
    Some people are just plain sly
    Some people are just plain blind
    Some people are just plain stubborn
    Some people are just plain abusive (as in power)
    February 2017
  • I just realized I only have 15 discussions o.O
    January 2017
  • Sometimes I just don't feel like visiting certain threads or even visiting the forums. But once I visit the forums I get super hyped for some reason
    January 2017
  • 60thSnowyMonth
    Sud maybe you should read the forum rules you are constantly multiposting>_>
    January 2017
    • Sud Piececoin_9742
      Sud Piececoin_9742
      I think it's ok if it's not on any thread since you can't edit
    • lucaaa795
      I know that as far as it isnt on a activity post made by you,Its called multi-posting.i might be wrong tho
    • Cortana
      Multi-posting applies to activity walls just like to any normal thread. If you were posting something that doesn't fit within the limit and continued it in a comment, that doesn't count as multi-posting whereas spamming comments one after another is considered multi-posting just like under any normal thread. So be careful with that. Also please, snowy, leave moderation to the forum staff.
  • -AK-
    You really got nice hobbies 0-0
    January 2017
  • Sud Piececoin_9742 changed their profile picture.
    January 2017
  • Ignorance is Bliss
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeere Guysssssssssssss
    January 2017
    • lucaaa795
      Bai have a great timr whatever you are doing and dont forget to visit us
  • Not much happening here
    April 2016