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  • EaStErBoY
    Hmm u wasn't first person on forums my guess Horus or sir Kew
    February 2017
    • Stevenlol
      System is first
    • _DaPerson_
      An easy way to check is to just replace the 3 in the URL with 1.
    • obito
  • The Ghost Of Cubic Castles
    May 2017
  • lucia joaquin
    hi help me, me stuck starting game they said you the game maker and me want help
    April 2017
  • KingHippoHello
    The dev team should be called "Cosmic Cattle"
    April 2017
  • Rootbeerr
    When is the texture upgrade coming? For some reason, I'm really looking forward to it :v
    February 2017
  • Pertwee
    Hello xD dont know what im doing on the forums..
    February 2017
  • SwiggySwoo

    Hello! I want to know if there will be a new Christmas pack or they give a 5000 cubits a day before the December 25 Thank you!
    October 2016
  • Yakroo
    Heyya Wanna Thank U & SirKewb For The Update! If Its Not Too Much To Ask To Make The Hunting Pack Cheaper And Make The Chances Of Getting Last Year Hats Lower Cuz I Spent Like 20k And Got 2Pump Heads, 2Skull Heads, And 2Robot Heads :v
    Happy Halloween, This My 1st Halloween In Cc, I Like The Hunting Event Made Friends Active :3
    October 2016
  • josss blokback3
    COSMIC COW NO MORE SCAMMER (translate for the English correctly) por favor cosmic cow esto es un problema, me han estafado, y creo que a otros tambien les a pasado con la actualizacion de los nuevos bloques, compro un area pongo alguna cosa de valor y me banean robandome mis cosas de valor y mis cubits creo que no solo a mi me a pasado y espero que agan algo al respecto con estas estafas creo que muchos sabemos que es buena su intencion con la actualizacion pero los estafadores se aprobechan de esto y muchos jugadores como daresx11 estan luchando con esto de las estafas grabando eventos de estafa espero que vea esos videos, gracias por su atencion
    October 2016
    • MarieAra
      Es que como tú lo has dicho, no es la intención de CC que los bloques sean usados de mala manera. Los bloques se hacen para darnos más opciones y que podamos crear todo lo que se nos ocurra, sería fabuloso que sólo se crearan cosas buenas pero como siempre, habrá personas que aprovechen estas oportunidades para hacer el mal. CC no puede andar tras de todos los jugadores todo el tiempo y es nuestra responsabilidad ayudarles como buenos jugadores, si ves algo malo reportarlo y toma fotos o vídeo como prueba, mandalo a support o a un moderador, asegurate de nunca comprarle a alguien que parezca sospechoso, hay que tener más cuidado con lo que hacemos en el juego y no echarle toda la culpa a CC.
    • The Death Reaper
      The Death Reaper
      Can someone translate that
    • Origamibot
    • Lucas The Spider
      Lucas The Spider
      COSMIC COW NO MORE SCAMMER (translate for the Inglés correctly) please cosmic cow this is a problem, I have cheated, and I think others also to happened with the upgrade of the new blocks, I buy a box I put anything of value and me they ban stealing my valuables and my qubits think not only me past and I hope that again something about these scams I think many know that it is good its intention to upgrade but scammers aprobechan this and daresx11 many players are struggling with this recording events scams scam hope you see those videos, thank you for your attention
    • Lucas The Spider
      Lucas The Spider
      Is that as you have said, is not intended to DC blocks are used badly. The blocks are made to give us more options and we can create everything you can think of, it would be great that only good things were created but as always, there will be people who take advantage of these opportunities to do evil. CC can not go after all players all the time and it is our responsibility to help as good players, if you see something bad report and take pictures or video as evidence, send to support or a moderator, be sure to never buy from someone who looks suspicious , you have to be more careful with what we do in the game and not put all the blame on CC.
    • brandonxflame
      Thanks for translating Mr. Penguin :)
  • The Awesome Dude
    Hello amazing people of Cosmic Cow.
    September 2016
  • *AyyYuki

    September 2016
  • pickles2001
    Double Eden eh?
    August 2016
  • Hewa Pro
    Tx fr the link hope it works
    May 2016
  • >fahriyilmazturk<
    ;-; world good turkish
    May 2016
  • lucaaa795
    "Server will be down for some hours on March 5th"
    U should better edit it...and for all who see this,i guess is May 5th.
    We all r humans. We all do mistakes..
    May 2016
  • lucaaa795
    How to proove that u are one of best stalkerz evar?
    Find Cosmic's irl name.xD
    I found it xD
    Achievment: "Stalked Cow" xD - over 9000 points
    April 2016
  • Perfct
    I defy system resets!
    April 2016
    • Yakroo
      But Why? :v Its For The Updates And Bug Fixes >-
  • lucaaa795
    Hi :3
    Here is a link to a post u must see it.
    Check it...the community voted the awnser :P
    April 2016
  • bluemist
    March 2016