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Mr. turkey admitted to steaeling my stuff said he hacked my vends. Thus ending of me from ever being scammed again. Alls u hear on his game is ive been scammed this scammed that . Turn into a training ground for scammer and slimy players. More than half the population of this game are scammers. The “richer players” who have spent lots of cubits who have stores are criticised by the scammers who pay nothing to support the game. not letting pay to play to go but aswell playets who pay only want to buy items a quarter of what there worth. Thos game has turned into a training ground for becoming greedy. This time and not like the last timesss i gave away my stuff but nuked everything i own. Only a tiny amount of players are honest and own up and help others. Farwell toxic community :)


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Coffeefreak87's nightmare city / coffee shop / punk rock hangout
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  • I finally found cave art in a mine in a mine I would have never thought I'd find it in the forest mine lol that's awesome.
    June 2016
  • I woke up today than I was like today today is s good day for a cup of coffee
    June 2016
  • If you listen to a fire trap it sounds like a qbees jumping just before it stops. Lol
    June 2016
  • Any suggestions on some cool little things I could build.
    June 2016
    • Stevil
      You can make a building out of cubits!
      Put c in a tip piggy, take the piggy, and put glass over the cubits on the ground. I like to experiment with this.
    • S.zia
      Cubit still vanish even is in glass...
    • coffeefreak87
      Stevil I have done that a while ago last 100c they will vanish same time any item does but cubits vanish no matter how much glass u cover it in. Best way to store cubits is in a piggy by itself got that idea from one of gdogs videos
  • I have added tokens to the end of my parkour my realm name is punk rock hangout
    June 2016
  • Does wet cement or wet paste ever dry says I can't build on top of it till it drys it's been sitting for hours just wondering cuz I only crafted it for the purpose of that effect like mud in a different texture.
    May 2016
  • How do I find or make quick sand? If not that's OK I'll find it in a shop
    May 2016
    • Elemental god
      Elemental god
      Somwhere in the learning center is the recepy.

      Im not sure but i thought it was sand and water
    • Yakroo
      I Got An Idea :D
  • The moving zombie in town center is pretty cool.
    May 2016
  • How do I craft a coffee or Coco mug? If not where can I get one or two. Ive found one in a shop but looking for more I bought it for 25 cubits.
    May 2016
    • lucaaa795
      U cant craft them.
      They are X-mas packs exclusive..
      25c is cheap..They worth like...100-200c?
    • coffeefreak87
      That's good to know they are hard to find. Thank you.