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Oleks Prototype

Every new update comes out, for some reason it happens when I'm taking a 2 day off brake, this makes me feel like my train left and I need to catch up...


Oleks Prototype
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Resources Mall Inc.
I do architecture for living, have a dog and 4 aquariums, in CC I carry on Resources Mall Inc. , and help players whenever they ask)
Resources Corporation (Leader)


  • Every new update comes out, for some reason it happens when I'm taking a 2 day off brake, this makes me feel like my train left and I need to catch up...
    September 1
  • What is a music of life?
    August 23
  • Idk if I'm writing it in a right place but, Resources Corporation is looking for some pro miners to join. We buy 24/7 all raw resources, host in clan events, and help people learn how to make clean profits out of resource business. Clan or we prefer 'Corporation' has a lot of sub-industries where you can also work as a Architect, or any other job we provide. Just add me or Minerman if you would like to find out more details.
    August 5
    • MonopolyMan
      I have an idea that I would like to talk to you about
  • Sometimes I wonder how would CC life be without mute bumper, because some players abuse them. And the best combination to it would be a hidey bumper, if it is a bomb game sounds very "fair" especially if there are warps for sale :P
    July 24
    • ragean
      Mute bumpers are more of a trust thing. Some people abuse it that way people can’t call out a scammer. Or some people use it normally like you and me. It really depends
    • CubicPencil
      I get so frustrated mat bomb games that are muted and you can't say anything.
    • CubicPencil
  • Hey guys, how is life in CC going?
    March 14
  • Hey guys, I would really want to hear your opinions on the recently opened Donations Centers around the game, I personally don't think they are helpful to starters, there is Cubic Learning Center made for that!
    June 13
    • Horizoner304
      They are a waste, people can easily make different accounts to act new and just get a whole bunch of free stuff :/
  • Is anyone from NY? I feel lonely...
    June 11
    • Horizoner304
      at least you have the NY Giants, oh wait, that's not a positive statement.
    • Horizoner304
      The NY Jets? ..........
  • Actually was wondering Devs use C++ here?
    June 11
    • DaFrenchy
      C++ mainly, java for android and another one for iOS. ^^
    • Nin10Do
      Sorry for being that noob but, what's the difference between Java and c++? Is it simply the difference in code or what?
    • Geezer
      its a different form of coding and a slightly different format
    • DaFrenchy
      These are languages, so they require certain terms that aren't recognized in other languages.
    • sdgamez3
      I've done Java before and c++ is kinda like it but there are a lot of differences too
  • Guys, I had an Idea of all CC pro players building a huge project all together, and MB make it as a Rental Purpose ( but like all popular players building it) or something else mb hang out or a parkour. Comment below what u think ab it?
    March 15
    • Rogue Thing
      Rogue Thing
      I think we should all build a town with rentals.
    • Geezer
      trouble with that is gonna be that each person has a slightly different style and so it might not look good in the end
    • DsBerrypaw
      Not everybody likes each other...
    • kurt...
      ^ having different styles combined into one = art °v°
    • rayver
      also Pro Builders have their own style of building, it will be messed up, right KuRt? :>
    • Koekenbak
      sure they do have their own style and it will be messed up AND IT WILL BE GREAT.this would be the definition of art
    • MarieAra
      You would only need to get half of them to leave their big egos at home so they can coexist peacefully with the others
    • OrangeTail
      Having different types of builds in one realm/room would be cool cuz you'd get to see people building with their own style.
    • iitssaera?
  • Hello there, does anyone know who I am lol)
    March 15
  • Welcome Aboard!
    March 13
    • JuIius
      Welcome to the forums, make sure to check out the rules page :)
    • Oleks Prototype
      Oleks Prototype
      Where is it lol)