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Cyka bliat


Cyka bliat
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  • If you join a clan and u want to go to the realm where the clan is can u find some tipe of thing in the settings to teleport you to the clan stone? If there is a way to get to your clan not by searching the realm please let me know.
    June 2018
    • -GreyCoralKing-
      Sadly there is not such a feature, you have to know where the clan stone is/have your own clan stone. If you have a high position in a clan you can use any clan stone and link it with the clan giving you access when you need it. Just place and WABAM.
    • JackFury
      I mean...We do have this thing called warp food :D
  • Just a question why in the gender section it says unspecified can u change it XD
    June 2018
    •  gdog
      Yeah you can edit your profile if you wish.
      Go to your profile and click the button in the top right.
  • Hi
    June 2018
  • lucaaa795
    May 2018
    • Cyka bliat
      Cyka bliat
      This was my friends acc but he got bored and gave it to me and I dont know how to change name :v
    • Joey Tribbiani
      Joey Tribbiani
      You need a nametag to change a name. One in the cubit store costs 10k but You can also get it from players with a price of 8k-9k
    • Cyka bliat
      Cyka bliat
      Ok ty for the info
    • 'ForgetMeNot'
      Russian isnt a bad word