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Reynaldo Giles

Who wants me to be a creep and give u nightmares? Dm me ur address that way I can appear ur bedroom's window at 2am in the morning and stare at u sleeping without me blinking for 3 hours straight.


Reynaldo Giles
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[]Reynaldo Giles[]
Mobile Legends, Cubic castles, American football, Fighting, Cubic Athlete, Making Cubits and finally being a pro gamer
The Predators (We kill scammers we dismember them)


  • Who wants me to be a creep and give u nightmares? Dm me ur address that way I can appear ur bedroom's window at 2am in the morning and stare at u sleeping without me blinking for 3 hours straight.
  • Sup guys I'm interested joining a cubic soccer league as a player or coach or Manager (any team) !
    Cubic career Soccer Stats:

    Cubic united Wins - loss
    2017 - 2018 Season ( 6 - 2 ): 8 Matches 35 goals 6 assists
    2018 - 2019 season ( 3 - 2 ): 5 matches 14 goals
    1 assists

    Patriots (Kodrak's Team)
    Wins - loss
    2019 - 2020 Season ( 1 - 0 ): 1 match 5 goals
    3 assists

    Trial me if u like :D
    August 21
  • can't wait for NFL season #patriots
    August 18
  • How much tricorn hats costs now
    August 15
  • I might make a rap music like latecom but people might enjoy my lit rap I might end up having more sub's on yt jk
    August 3
    • 'Dragon'
      Go for it. It is physically impossible to make a rap worse then Latecom’s.
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      Lol I'm kidding
    • Imperial Storm
      Imperial Storm
      Try to get a bad mic + put it underwater
  • Anyone sell lv 0 or 49 pet bunny ;-; ?
    August 5
  • Ty for visiting 1 more time in cc *sir milestone* u were a great person, U will also be missed and goodluck with life, its been along time we haven't seen each other and I remembered I was ur best customer on ur rentals, Welcome to the hall of fame Milestone! U will be missed.
    August 1
  • Its my bday ;-; I don't wanna grow up, then i might have to quit every game I play
    July 29
    • DsBerrypaw
      Happy Birthday bud!
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      Ty :3
    • Party
      Happy bday
    • ragean
      Welcome to the real world
    • Piratax10
      Happy birthday!
      i understand you, i have the same age as you too! e.e
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      Thx everyone
    • Nin10Do
      Don't worry, right now youll be like "ahh I don't wanna quit video games" but most people just tend to stop and you'll just not find it as fun as it was
    • Joey Tribbiani
      Joey Tribbiani
      People label games as 'too childish for an adult life '. But you just gotta keep doing what you love. Just don't let it get in the way. You might have to play a little less but you still can. Also, happy birthday! :)
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      Tysm everyone :D
  • Tommorow is my bday ;-; turning 17 ripero
    July 29
    • Party
      Happy early bday!
    • .Deathless.
      My birthday is on 2nd august :0
    • ExCelsius
    • ExCelsius
      Nvm wrong post, Happy early birthday :D
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
    • MonopolyMan
      I would say happy birthday, but your profile picture is Tom Brady and I'm a Colts fan so....
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      Lol its aight man ✌ respects to Luck and the colts
  • Salvonix
    June 23
  • Scammer: *scams something*
    Random person: *Swears*
    Mod: *gets triggered* I'M MUTING U
    June 21
    • Geezer
      there's alot more that goes on behind the scenes than what you see - most of the time mods dont even say anything when muting/warning someone so yeh - gather all evidence before you come to this conclusion
    • Graceful Thunder
      Graceful Thunder
      Y'all act like mods have the ability to snatch stolen items right out of the scammer's account. Physically impossible.
    •   Angel
      Not to mention majority of the time the person that got “scammed” are the ones to blame due to giving their perms because they trust too much xD.
    • WhimsicalFirefly
      The mod is not "triggered" when someone is muted for swearing, we are simply doing our job. Big difference.
    • Space_fetus
      Feel like I needed to be involved. Hi
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      Lel sup
  • Calling to all scammers...!
    This vending scam thing has to end, I know this can't stop them from scamming but its annoying, seriously scammers get a life earn ur own cubits, not ez but earn them. U will quit someday anyways so what is the point of u (scammers) just scamming. U human parasite..
    July 4
  • How much b umbrellas usually cost?
    June 20
  • idk if i should start my football league soon, what do u think? (yesterday i realized that I still know how to play cubic soccer even if I retired for a year) if you guys say yes what do u think? Should I become a player or coach?
    June 14
    • Horizoner304
      are you referring to real life or in-game soccer
    • sdgamez3
      In game soccer is glitchy a.h
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      Yeah in game soccer
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      And I clearly said cubic soccer
    • Horizoner304
      that would be cool if someone made a cubic castles soccer league with a tourney and a grand prize for the winner
    • Nin10Do
      that would be awesome, coming from someone with a country that has the biggest culture in football ever.
    • sdgamez3
      I don't liek soccer
    • Ndplayz2468
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      @horizoner304 I would make one but things will end up expensive, like buying the prizes, balls, maybe hiring referees, hiring announcers idk it sounds exciting but Its not affordable, plus people wont like the schedules of the game days, plus what if I hire a coach and they end up quitting.
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      most of all the league might die quick since people in cc aren't much interested of sports..
  • Will the Hawaiian shirts rise? Sold my blue one for 10k
    June 13
    • Oleks Prototype
      Oleks Prototype
      Sell those before the Pack release
    • JuIius
      They might go up.
      I highly doubt they will return, as they aren't even worth much.
      Blue ones go for like 15k atm though :c
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      I sold mine lol well I'm hoping they don't rise
  • Um guys a little help here..? I just bought a useless box for 1k and what does this "box" exactly do?
    June 11
    • Geezer
    • AshiMagari
      Mess around with switches and it will surprise you ^^
  • Oofy emoji
    May 29
  • I'm ready to fight against the state test (try my best taking my state test) State test = Boss Knight = me lol I'm crazy
    May 21
  • join my server we want more weebs lol i guess, we have pokecord and waifu bot or join for fun lol
    May 3
  • Oof seems like most of my cubic friends quitted
    April 21
  • Not egg hunting this year, I'm addicted to pokecord haha
    April 21
  • TomBoo
    sooooo i seee tomBrady u sopporting my team now? xd wait did i just give away personal info idc I LOVE THE PATRIOTS!
    April 7
  • Idk if I should come back to cc, or just leave my friends behind
    April 4

    Join my pokecord server we need more people to join and keep this server Alive
    March 11
  • I was off in cc for 2 weeks and realized my enemies has mods on their backs
    March 7
  • Anyone has a discord pokemon server with less rules. Every server I'm in is dead and got banned from Pokecord server.. Pls send me links down here
    February 22
  • Enjoyed my valentines day with my best friend recto wodeagle_12857 for 30 minutes before i go finish my homework essay, she is a real friend and i hope she stays like this and dont turn fake, always supports me even if i'm offline and cares about me most of all, i care about her more <3
    February 15
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      Here the link of our channel come if u r allowed to swear, do anything u want in this channel as long as our leader accepts help us grow this channel
    • Sheppy_Deadly
      Is it a dead server?
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      @sheepy_deadly we just made our channel ofc i am not the leader
  • I am wrong what i comment recently, the items are better, I love the kissing booth block the most lol kissing love this update
    February 6
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      I'm expecting on Easter pack to be 6x better than this update
  • I'm sure the Valentine's update will suck like the Xmas and new years pack and Halloween pack
    February 5
    • U
      Sounds like you need to find a new game to play.
    • rayver
    • rayver
      All ppl evacuate on GT
      kddin, GT sucks
    • .Deathless.
      or PW...
    • Reynaldo Giles
      Reynaldo Giles
      Used to be great items but now the upcoming items sucks