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commander Cap

Can you start new years resolution in late july right? Well if you cant im doing it. By the end of next year i hope to get all my builds done. I have about 3 never started and 5 or so half finished. As well I want to get all my IRL projects done, tjeres about 10 of thows.


commander Cap
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Exploring, caving, thrill sneaking, walking/jogging playing video games and taking care of animals.


  • Hi everyone bye everyone.
    September 2016
    • kokopelli
      Nuuuu, don't go cap we'll all miss you D:.....:3
    • commander Cap
      commander Cap
      I like how your the only one that commented....
    • pickles2001
      Don't leave XD I already have too many friends quoting not another one D:
  • So I spent 2 hours in adventure mode today. It was fun but I wish it was longer. Or had way more chapters. But as soon as I came out some weird player did the new reg thing "/trade" and freaked me out so I called him a scammer because he said if I pay him he will tell me how he did it. Well he then went to say he was a mod and left with out showing his mod tag. I know he's not a mod so just be careful fellow qbees. Don't fall for tricks... Like the one adventure mode made you do... :(
    September 2016
  • So I just spent the past 2 hours locking my self out of the forums.... I went on a road trip to see some family and was bouncing around wifi signals so my "keep me logged in" thing reset it's self some how. Well I changed my name slightly a while back and was still on the forms by commander cappie... So I locked my self out by not using my new name. Even us Lvl 50s have noob moments. Very few will admit them.
    August 2016
  • So my town hub has a lot of realms and room in it of mine or of friends..... I don't know what I'll do once it fills up. Come have a look and sigh the guest book. Commander Cappie's town hub.
    July 2016
  • I guess I don't get much attention on the forms or in game. Only people that want to be friends with me are newbes wanting stuff and what I call "goons" (scammers, hackers, and such.) If you ever see me around don't be rude or ask me for things, I'm probably the poorest Lvl 50 in game.
    July 2016
    • pickles2001
      Not everyone is kind nowadays you'll meet those bullies once in a while that just don't care about you but you have friends don't worrie I consider you a friend through kokopelli
    • commander Cap
      commander Cap
      Thanks guys. Most people conceded me the bully. Cause I don't help the noobs at and such. I know I'm ruff around the edges but I help my friends. I got a few signs in one of my rooms saying (and I'm paraphrasing) "It takes a lot to earn my trust, but when you do I'll give you the shirt off my back. But cross me and I will be your worst enemy." I'll definitely be sending y'all some friend requests. :)
    • smures
      No need for attention if you got great friends :D
      Wub your friends and you'll get all the attention you need :3
      I'm not online on cc this month, but feel free to message and chat with me ^^
  • Hi guys, I'm on my own now. No clan. I may make my own later but for now I'm a loner. See y'all in CC land.
    February 2016