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commander Cap

Can you start new years resolution in late july right? Well if you cant im doing it. By the end of next year i hope to get all my builds done. I have about 3 never started and 5 or so half finished. As well I want to get all my IRL projects done, tjeres about 10 of thows.


commander Cap
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Exploring, caving, thrill sneaking, walking/jogging playing video games and taking care of animals.


  • Can you start new years resolution in late july right? Well if you cant im doing it. By the end of next year i hope to get all my builds done. I have about 3 never started and 5 or so half finished. As well I want to get all my IRL projects done, tjeres about 10 of thows.
    July 2018
  • kokopelli
    May the good lord rest your soul...
    December 2017
  • So Texas was hit with a hurricane. It was bad the coast was hit so hard that Huston is under water. 48-52 inches of rain fall. Everyone is freaking out becaus the gas trucks can't make it up from the rigs in the gulf. So gas stations have ran out of gas and people that don't need gas are filling up gas cans. And gas prices have gone up by 30 cents since Harvey.
    August 2017
  • I know why people in game don't like me much. But I really don't under stand why people IRL don't like me. I never hurt them or make fun of them. But at times it feels like people don't want me or the ones close to me to be happy. On top of things a few try to get to me by hurting my friends or turning people against me.
    August 2017
    • *JulieSings*
      They're jealous.
    • Dullachan
      I agree with Julie.
    • Gao-Gosi
      Dear Commander Cap,
      i meet You ingame time back when i been playing.
      And i found none reason to dislike You!!!
    • Gao-Gosi
      Ugh dont know why it just postet half what i was writting :/

      Even we havent talk that much, im sure You an amazing person IRL.
      Sadly 80% of humans just selfish ppl and blind to open their eyes...
      Dont change Yourself theres NOTHING wrong with You!!!

      Big Hug :)
  • Welp I got a raise at work. I am now certified to give a more difficult tour.
    July 2017
  • Welp I found a new hobby. An IRL friend took me to Six Flags and got me on a roller coaster for the first time. Now talk about an adrenaline rush. Absolutely loved it.
    June 2017
  • Why don't people understand that if I just meet you, your not allowed to joke with me? I need to get to know you, on top of that if wer at work don't bully me at all. Be a professional while you are getting paid if your playing a game that's when you goof off and mess with people, but never take it too far.
    May 2017
  • What dosent kill you makes you stronger!
    Well if that's true spring break almost killed me at work so I guess I'm a lot stronger now.
    Dosent help my manager said that since I'm still working and didn't quit that means I'll be there for a long time.
    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
    Stand a little taller
    What doesn't kill you makes a fighter
    Footsteps even lighter
    March 2017
  • I have today off from work, but tomorrow till most likely next Friday I'll be working close to 12 hour shifts. Spring break here means crazy work for a tour guide. But make the best of it and the time will fly.
    I will not be on much, I know I'm not on as mush anymore to begin with, but if you want to chat pm me or drop a letter in my mailbox. It's at my citadel.
    March 2017
  • Well I have worked at my new job for over a week and have now been knighted a tour guide. I am a tour guide for a cavern system near my house. It's a lot of fun, and for someone that dosent like to be around people I enjoy it a lot. Also it's great exercise. I estimate I will be walking 2-5 miles a day and up and down an 18 story building 3-6 times a day.
    February 2017
    • Pickles2001
      I have no job :D
    • commander Cap
      commander Cap
      I have a job that makes me want to go to bed at 7pm, and you know how late I used to stay up.
  • Looking forward to the update tomorrow. As soon as I get home from work I'm getting on CC and updating my game. Pretty shure I'll will wait to actually buy a car till Koko gets on later on that night. So happy and excited these past few days have been good.
    February 2017
  • Well I didn't take Kokopelli's advice and watched Adventure Time. Have to say that it's really good. It reminds me of a Canadian TV show Called Sanctuary. I think I watched all 8 seasons in a week and a half. And each season has 24-56 episodes each.
    February 2017
    • Pickles2001
      I love adventure time
    • chewbaccaisfunny
      Adventure time cmon grab ur friends :3
    • kokopelli
      And we'll go to vary distant lands :P
    • 007 Awesome 007
      007 Awesome 007
      Jake the dog and finn the human...
    • Pickles2001
      The fun will never end, adventure time
  • Once so dear to me,
    So ever near me.
    I deeply regret to say,
    I shuld have held you every day.
    I shuld have dune more,
    But now you shall sore.
    You deserve more then what I gave,
    But now you must settle down in your cave.
    I love you, you little ball of fur,
    Your life went by in a blur.
    Rest now little one,
    Your time here is dune.

    -Commander Cap
    February 2017
  • Realms untouched for years now lay in front of two young qbees wise for there time. They look on to the vast realm scapes that belonged to one now lost. How bitter sweet it is to see, as theses qbees explor. Looking out onto beautiful realms, only knowing the owners have not set foot inside for what seams like decades. Longing for adventure they set out into the void of long abandoned places, only to leave there mark in trash cans and donate tables. Finding a friend among the way they named Phil. Deeply moved they sighed with saddened but happy hearts as the night drew into morning. Parting ways and saying there goodbyes they left the once long lost ream with the promise to return and walk further in to the endless doorways that we all know as CC's lost realms.
    January 2017
  • Hay y'all, I haven't been building in awhile at my places, and am kinda out of ideas and resources. If anyone would like to suggest a build or help by dumping stuff like dirt in my place I will greatly appreciated it.
    June 2016
    • commander Cap
      commander Cap
      Cool, thanks I'll. Keep you in mined.
  • So I'm writing a book. Let's say that knowing me I'll will get like chapters 1-10 then some random chapters after that dune before giving up on it. At least I'm writing it on an app so I won't throw it into my nonexistent fire place. Last book I "wrote" I tossed in a fire barrel........
    Don't ask....
    January 2017
  • There's something funny about realm hopping. You TP to friends or jump into random realms. But instead of the owners locking the realms when they don't want random people in them thay cuss you out and ban you. Funny thing is, to day all the realms IV went to have been from well know players.... Lvl 60s the right way. People trying hard to be mods. That's what I call them anyways. Don't know. Maybe I have a bad relationship with everyone but a few in CC. In flea market places like pens, since I don't have realm to ban spammers, I use qbee bombs. Kids get mad at that. Well I get mad at rude players banning for no reason. I shuld just be like the old me, stay in my realm or in mines, with friends.... annoying the day lights out of them.
    December 2016
  • What's with the people saying they get bullied on CC? It's an online game with 7 years old to 40 years old. Of course someone will hurt your feelings. There's ways around this. Make it to where you can only see your friends chat. Don't play an online game if your easily offended by stuff like that. There's so much drama in CC that dosent need to be there. Little kids that shuld not be playing on there own getting cusses at by older kids that aren't mature enough to be online. Much less angry adults that want to let of some steam after work, not thinking about the 7 year olds. Rant over.
    December 2016
  • Cc apparently draws a lot of power. Not only my battery life but my wifi too. As of right now I can't be on CC with out crashing every 5 minutes. But I can post here and wach YouTube. Apparently I need 85-100% wifi to play CC. But I can make do with less to use google and YouTube. Anyone else notice that?
    December 2016
    • Lightosphere
      Yeah, more activity in game = more power used (not only your activity, but also everyone's activity in one room, and that's why I hate lobby cause there are lots people there and You can't control what they going to do)
  • IV been playing cc for 2 years I started on November 22ed of 2014. It's kinda sad that I'm a 21 year old play a game for 12-17 year olds. But CC has changed so much, I used to be on till 5am haveing only a few run ins with "Noob, you Noob" now ... well I can't repeat what is said. Everyday every minute there are 8-13 year olds cussing and scamming. I still love CC and will probably play till no one maintains the servers Andy more. I love most the updates, some are just kinda cheap... but most are nice add ins to the game. Anyhow, I miss the old players but love the new items and things that have been added in the 2 years I have played.
    November 2016
    • Ks.
      Agree... I miss my old friends that quit like 1 years ago....there's like 8 of them '-'
    • MarieAra
      Awwww no! It's not sad at all! I'm older and play too, started just cause I love building stuff and somewhere along the way I ended up with lots of amazing friends. As the game grows it will change and new people will come, some will be scammers but some will be great players, you just gotta look around and you'll find someone or something worth staying for :)
  • Ahhhh freedom, peace, time off. Now if I can get that IRL..... be back soon y'all.
    November 2016
    • Thuggie
    • commander Cap
      commander Cap
      ... I wrote that 6days before your comment!? You spying on me?
  • Welp I may be losing my internet after the new year.. long story.... need to focus on IRL for a few months. Hopefully I will have a good job by January
    November 2016
  • In a few days I'm going to be taking a break. My be 24 hours may be a week. But I'll definitely be back before Christmas.
    November 2016
  • Frustration...........................................
    November 2016
  • Happy Halloween everyone! I'm really going to miss the ghost hunting. Hope y'all bring it back next year.
    October 2016
  • Why is it that everyone acuesses me of stealing. I don't steal. Shure I may take 2 donuts instead of one but common people to acuesses me of stealing on the forms is a cold move. A PM is ok but on my page. Why was I trusted in the first place? How many other are trusted? On top of that people's account get hacked, especially famous players or rich players. Both of which I am not. I'm beefing up my password today I suggest you do the same.
    October 2016
  • Pickles2001
    Cappie... Where were you yesterday... I must know my pets are gone
    October 2016
    • commander Cap
      commander Cap
      What do you mean? Your afk in game. Why did I still have perm in the first place. I was just helping you get ghosts.
  • Welp I'm very disappointed. Wake up to messages from my friends saying that the pack is out. And that the game is broken. I go and blow 40k on the new Halloween packs and, get disappointed in what I got. Now the render distance in game is shoty. You can't craft at all on top of all that so I can't build. One thing on top of another today. The one day I thought I'd be happy is the day I want to quit CC. The one time I have more than 5k when packs come out is the day everything goes wrong.
    October 2016
  • It's not as much fun in the rental place. They took out the use of cannons and a few other blocks like windmachins. I know it's annoying to some but it's fun for others. It's a good way to "war" with another player. (While listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack) I still like dropping by to see what's for sale. And selling a few things myself.
    September 2016
  • The Cosmic's rental test is pretty cool. It reminds me of a flea market or a farmers market. Really cool. Makes me remember when I was young.
    September 2016