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No I didn’t quit, currently in college going for a Bachelors majoring in Natural Resource Management with a minor in Forestry. I’m constantly busy with studying, classes, and other things thrown at me. But know that I’m still willing to play the game, just I can never find the time. Anyway gtg go to bed, have an 8am in the morning.


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Hiking, exploring, scavenging, metal working, arts and crafts, building, running, and cleaning.


  • No I didn’t quit, currently in college going for a Bachelors majoring in Natural Resource Management with a minor in Forestry. I’m constantly busy with studying, classes, and other things thrown at me. But know that I’m still willing to play the game, just I can never find the time. Anyway gtg go to bed, have an 8am in the morning.
    October 2019
  • Welp, I nearly died yesterday... was cutting a tree off a telephone line when the tree blew out on me. An the part that was on the line realeased all tension off of it sending about a 400 pound log flying like a catapult right on top of me basically squishing me. It then drug me bout 10 yards down the hill with me under it. When I came to a stop it rolled to the side but still had me pinned like 127 hours style by my left wrist. At first I was like “that just happened” so I went to move my feet to pull my self out. But when I raised my right foot it fell to the side. I ended up breaking my ankle. So I naturally started freaking out, managed to grab ahold of my chainsaw and start it to cut the tree into a more manageable size. But quickly got it pinched. So after half and hour of struggling I was able to slip out and crawl 20 yards up a steep embankment up to the road, propped my self up on the guardrail, and flag down a passing car. So now I’m in the hospital.
    January 2019
    • Kokopelli
      Managed to break four ribs and collapse part of my yeah...
    • iitssaera?
    • iitssaera?
    • xDark_Ravenx
      Sir, it sounds like a fatality on mortal kombat
    • DsBerrypaw
      Get well soon, but next time don't do that without a second person. You are never supposed to be alone away from society, DOING something. That's just a safety thing. Hope you feel better!
    • pickles2001
    • Professional Killer
      Professional Killer
      Get well soon man, hope you feel better.
    • Goldbuster
      Man that is terrible
      Get well soon!
    • xDark_Ravenx
      Also get better!
    • Liberated
      Glad you will be okay, Koko. Sorry to hear this happened to you man. But thank goodness you are alive. After an accident like that, I'd consider you very lucky to not be suffering from internal bleeding or dead. Get well soon man.
    • Graceful Thunder
      Graceful Thunder
      Oh wow. Get well soon!
    • Sawatawanana
      Get well soon O_O
    • Missilence
      Jesus. Thankfully you are alive
    • JuIius
      Get better soon.
    • AJ Baryza
      AJ Baryza
      Jesus, get well soon @_@
    • Sk8_
      Jesus christ that's not good at all
      I think you shouldn't be alone to dk this next time, and didn't you have a cellphone on you?
    • Yakroo
      Sounds like it came from a Final Destination movie :v
      Bless u child and get well soon
  • Welp, 19 years ago I was born. I was planned to be a halloween baby but what I like to believe is that I got too excited for the occasion and didn’t want to miss halloween.
    October 2018
  • No I didn’t quit, my Internet has been horrible for the last month, and I’m getting bogged with irl prodjects as well as school...bout to give a chemistry teacher an extra foot, right up her rear.
    October 2018
    • Coral Sword Of Justice
      Coral Sword Of Justice
      Don't give her your foot because you will have to hop around without it. I wondered where you been O_O!
  • Welp, a week away at conservation camp and I come home to find out the new fallout installment will be set in West Virginia. Not only that but in one the trailers it shows the ruins of a building less than a 20 min drive from my house.... take it away John!
    June 2018
    •   Ed
    • lucaaa795
      I thought you said concentration camp for a few good mins :ok_hand:
    • Bluejay_1
      Love this song
  • A long winter with a late spring has finally come.
    And the maddened race for sunlight amongst the plants has begun.
    No longer is the land of ice and snow.
    For now the herbs and saplings begin to grow.
    The birds are out and about building nests for their young.
    And the squirrels preparation for winter has begun.
    The wind now blows in from the east.
    To bring rain to water the wild feast.
    The deer have begun to give birth unto their young.
    Birds in love go about making sure their odes never go unsung.
    For now finally at last.
    The months of life has finally surpast.
    May 2018
  • I make a slight cameo in this song which by the way was uploaded by Jesus, oh what irony.
    November 2017
  • Today has been a busy day like, now a days all I can bare to cognitively do is water my crops at night. But it won't be day for much longer, winter will come before we know it. The lush forest canopies will become skeletons of their former and future selves. The world will be bleak and cold, only pines and hollies will break the constant brown...but that will come in time, not all of a sudden, but surely that sand will escape our hands and the bleak will come and go, so will the tides change. Over an over until those crops are done being water, and like all its time for harvest.
    September 2017
    • Kokopelli
      Btw, when I wish slight discomfort on someone I send this video to them.
  • When firing up limestone, be aware if in large chunks they will explode.
    September 2017
  • Takes along time to build up, but oh boy when it finally does...

    July 2017
    • Hoxis
      Wow, that name seems oddly familiar. I wonder what it could be...
    • Kokopelli
      @hoxis ominia or yours truly?
  • Hehe, there's gonna be a heat wave tomorrow of 60 degrees as aposed to the 20ish temps I've been having lately. Perfect day possibly to finally boil the skin off my deer skulls :D, sadly I couldn't do it two weeks ago cause I had the flu on the weekend making me miss my opportunity.
    December 2016
    • 'Sir.Fox'
      That's hot :O. XD it's been -1°F here for last few weeks
  • welp, today I drug a metal sink out of a valley in sub freezing temps. Was about a 2 mile hike to it and back all the way up in a head of the valley. Reasoning for why it was there, there's a delapidated house that supossedly was abandoned nearly 50 years ago, an over time the road to it has washed away and been covered by a couple rock and mud slides. I had to go threw what's best described as a marsh with my rubber boots nearly sinking below the ground (bout 1 1/2 ft) and thick brush. And I couldn't go around along the hill side to it because of steep rock cliffs. Why go threw all this trouble for a sink? Well i plan on using its metal to make a medevil battle helm.
    December 2016
    • commander Cap
      commander Cap
      The only thing I can think of is that the date makes this look like it's from along time ago but it's only for a few days ago. Also good luck koko.
  • On an irl note, I make voodoo dolls. Out of thread or cloth, whether sowing or wrapping. It always gives me satisfaction when I'm done. But while I'm making it I'll always give it one flaw, like a bigger arm than its counterpart, a scrawny leg or two, or uneven eyes. But it gives me a thrill to look down into their button or charcoal stained eyes. Knowing of their flaw and reflect it apon myself and think of my better design. Tho it to has flaws, just not as bad as the ones I have given to my creations made in my image.
    October 2016
    • Gollum
      Dude what
    • Kokopelli
      Too weird for ya? Or did I loose you?
    • smures
      oooooooooo that's cool o.o
    • commander Cap
      commander Cap
      I think you weirded him out koko
  • Just now hung out at cosmic' rental test realm, I tell you what that place was lively and I may or may not have unleashed a horde of slimes onto unsepecting players... :3
    September 2016
  • Schools back in session...highschool was destroyed in flood, now sharing the middle school with middle schoolers and it like jamming 2 cans of sardines into one :/. Cross country starts tomorrow, so that's a plus...I was the only guy that signed up, normally a guy would be ecstatic but not me.
    August 2016
  • Just took a couple weeks worth of a break of cc, there was flooding here so naturally there was a lot of devastation. But as a whole it was kind of a good thing. I've never seen a community come together to whether it was to make food deliveries, clean up, gutting houses, clearing debris, ect. Almost everyone helped out tramendosly, an it of course made a persons heart swell with pride to even be able to say that that they are apart of such a I'm wondering what has happened to cc's community...
    July 2016
    • smures
      Oh my welcome back! Must have been lots of work there!
  • I thought the warp circle was too small and not as extravagant as I'd like, so I turned it into a 4 story warp pagoda :p
    March 2016
  • Got tired of the old mundane castle home, now I'm living in a giant tree like city :p
    March 2016
  • Kokopelli changed their profile picture.
    February 2016
    • Perfct
      Nice picture koko!
    • Pious
      Tribal Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Kokopelli
      You bite your tongue
  • Kokopelli changed their profile picture.
    February 2016