Building Comp FREE (With a Twist)

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So I made a building comp realm you guys can enter it's free of charge but there is a little twist It's not just a one time thing it's a club so every 4 weeks we will have a different theme and you guys can start over and build again. The plots are 11x11 and there is a few requirements in order to join it is free and the rentals are forever but, I am going to ask of you a few things.
#1 You must have discord and refusing to join our club discord will mean no rental why? Because that is where I will be posting all are rules new themes dates and all that stuff
#2 Don't sign up if you wont use it. The amount of cubits I have put into this is quite a lot as it is almost 500c per rental for me to make for foundations so if you wont use it don't waste others chances at building
#3 Please send me a in game request I have to be able to notify you if you win and give you your prizes

Comment down below if you want to sign up I will send you a link to discord on there we will have a poll for are first theme and the first comp should start soon. Also send me a friend request so we can get you a rental
Edit: There is 16 rentals available


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