Favorite Hat, and Why?

IridescentIridescent In your toilet.Member
Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

My favorite hat is the Top Hat!

I mean, look at that hat! Every day, my Qbee would caress the soft, black rims of this solemn hat, why, I treat this hat as if it were my husband!

Many would gaze their greedy, glistening eyes upon my precious hat, wanting to get their greasy little hands on it!

I say, "Stay back! This is MY Top Hat!" Others wouldn't budge, they'd stay, their eyes still glued on my hat whom I love dearly.


You didn't have to read all that junk ^^, I was just ssssuuppperrrr bored. xD And I read waayyy too many fanfics..Lord have mercy on me xD

What's your favorite hat, and why?


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