Adventure Realm (attack of Slymes)

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I'm trying to hit a bumper to open a gate in the maze, but I died and the dropper blocks didn't come back, as I waited 2 minutes for the dropper blocks to regen. What do I do?? Please help, I don't want to have to restart the adventure ;(
What should I do?????
  1. Should I restart?12 votes
    1. Yes the bumper cannot be reached another way.
    2. No there's another way.


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    Seems like problem with your connection :/
  • -AK--AK- Member
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    just die
    you will respawn
    go and bump it again, the droppers must come back
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    I had same issue restart the adventure here's how it happens
    If you stand on the droper blocks touching the edges and don't stand on the blocks in tbe middle
  • TumbleweedTumbleweed Member
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    I have the same problem. They just do not respawn. I restarted cc, everything. It's a glitch. @CosmicCow
  • CosmicCowCosmicCow Game Developer
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    Okay I am going to look into this. There must be an issue I am unaware of.
  • CosmicCowCosmicCow Game Developer
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    So it works okay for me. Was there a disconnect or anything happening during that time?
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