Dear Fellow Qbees

When I started this game back in 2014 somthing about it just stuck with me, it was full of adventure and the community all gathered in certain locations and strived to accomplish specific very complex yet simple goal together. This thing was mining, In 2014 the ores you see today did not spawn on the side of the realms and you couldn't even buy resources from the store. It was very enjoying because you could spend hours just mineing into the side of a mountain for hours with friends. Sense then I feel as if more players have migrated from the mines to the what I like to call the "cities" of cubic castles. With the introduction of things like the Lobbies I feel as if people have forgotten about the mines, and quiet frankly I don't even know if newer players know if mines even exist. I propose somthing to get the players of cubic castles back into the mines such as a mining update or let alone farming, hopefully by having this we can get the community back together and happily mining.

Thanks for your time! :)


  • Sir John GreySir John Grey Member
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    I love mining :) add me in game I also mine with friends ^^ Some people like you exist xD
    Ps: I'm just kinda busy this days since there are school stuffs
  • Ooooh you're one of the old players, hey let's mine together!
  • I remember I used to mine for hours with my friends when there were ores on the sides.
  •  gdog gdog Retired Moderator
    Apricot said:

    , and quiet frankly I don't even know if newer players know if mines even exist.

    Don't forget the first quests you get when you start the game is to go to each of the mines.
  • Hmmm.... Back then.... I friended some people who like mining..... but not all of them did a pure mining (automated mining) and when I went online they invite me to their mining party... and also I met some people that very different with people nowadays... We met in a random realm, and they ask me to mine with them.. but that doesn't mean there was no mine thief back then... there was some thief, but not as much as now... It was like before my first quit (november 2014 -middle 2015)mined stolen by random people 4x, before my quit last month (January 2016(I think) - December 2016) mined item stolen by random people about 20x.. it was maybe cause I wasn't very careful with them..
  • I remember back in 2014 i used to mine allot like alloooot with my friends
  • Lol I never used to mine stuff no matter what
    Cookie is forever lazy ;d
  • ANKlTANKlT Member
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    I remember that it was nice mining with friends I would even help people mine out giant realms because there was no nuke yet
  • A farming update? That's a great idea I have no ideas though lol.
  • BlueIn-92 said:

    A farming update? That's a great idea I have no ideas though lol.

    Soil makes ripening faster. Wacha think?
  • Aren't the dehydrated cubes one thing? I think they were put in game to entice players to mine more.
  • Well we have a Daily Quest for mining our Crafting some things. They will mine if they want the 50c for the quest.
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