Just a little note..

So hi to everyone here ^^
(I'm not quitting) xd
I just wanna say... the drama I've been in on forums has made me depressed and stressed out in real life.

At school I've experienced anxiety attacks because of this.

So please don't include me in any of this, mentioning me in a discussion or anything.

I'm a positive person most of the time so I really do just want to use forums for positive things!

Thank you all,


  • Don't get too obsessed with this game. Yes! It's an addictive game but most of the time there are effects on every of it. Just enjoy the game and play free!

    You get what you deserve
  • Thank you guys but no need to be sorry xD just wanted to let people know.
  • I feel you these things are terrible. I've not experinced in CC but I have irl many times and it's really quite sad I hope that you can forget about all that has happend to you and move on with your life :)
  • Same to me but not only because of cc, brazil is a lost country, i will not say why, because it will be a long post...
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