Daily Life Of A Qbee Character Suggestions! (closed) (Update #5 : Comic Date:February 10)



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    Name: HUWAT

    Character: Jolly, is that 1 dumb and useless dude in the group, annoying but not hated by anyone (his face's usually ° 3 °), becomes very helpful in situations that need help from magic

    Personality: dumb, useless and tries to be funny, makes horrible puns and dad jokes, but very skilled in black magic, will turn deadly aggressive and serious when his friends are hurted

    Outfit(optional): Exe, black wizard, black robe, white gloves

    something similar to this:

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    Can I be moved from Normal Qbee to MC's best friend? :D
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    Update 3 : Sneak Peak

    Are you ready to watch the worst show of all time?
    Sneak Peak
  • I thought @Tumbleweed was doing this? .-.
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    nah ones a comic and ones a video, two different things
  • nah ones a comic and ones a video, two different things

    Just realised
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    Chapter one plot has already been finished! =)
  • Name: The Only Moneybag's
    Personality: Attituded Rebel
    Charecter: Ghost Qbee (Not costume.. A ghost Litrally)
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    Sorry i need to move the time again

    Because the last three pages (Chapter 1) are not yet ready
    Thank you!

    Comic Credits
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    :D This is glorious! :D

    I would love to cross paths with this, though I might be busy hammering out my own #PaladinLore. So I'd understand if we only rarely cross paths. I'd probably be among the Main Character's friends, though; DEFINITELY no mere NPC/nobody! ;)

    Personality: Energetic, enthusiastic, great sense of the dramatic and an even stronger calling for justice. His skills from other areas (specifically combat and basic level magic Jedi-like power with a Spirit Blade - similar to Lightsaber) can prove useful, even if only as the rare Deus-Ex-Machima. If you need a bad guy stomped, he's the go-to choice!
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    Is the comic stopped?
    No! I'll just make a new Discussion about the comic
    In February 10!

    You can't suggest any characters now
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    Closed upon owners request
  • @Gollum not closed
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