The Mighty Paladin Alliance

From the Diary of The Platinum Paladin.

So, I don't believe it. The Mighty Gods, one of the biggest and oldest clans in all of Cubic History, has now merged under MY command! They're Paladins now. And Ace? I'm at a loss for words. I can't help but imagine it was a hard decision for him to make. But in the end, even though I gave him plenty of opportunity for an out, he took the oath, on the same Clanstone that birthed my Order to begin with. I can't believe the Order started 3 months ago.

Given Ace's resume and his reputation for totally leading The Mighty Gods, Sir Lumi has advised me to dub Ace a full Golden Paladin right from Day 1. I initially chose Silver, but Lumi's recommendation is definitely within reason. I have learned that Ace is not one for formality, and the "Sir" prefix was added to his handle strictly as a dare. Nevertheless, assuming I have not misjudged him, the "Sir" prefix is still fitting, especially as a noble knight among the Order of Paladins. He has helped numerous other Qbees, and he has come from such a storied clan, so I can not fathom that I have misjudged him.

I interviewed Sir - I mean, plain ol' Ace - to find out more details about the history of his clan so that it may be preserved for all time. His clan had existed ever since the invention of the Clanstone. Without going into too many details, after he had hand-picked about 5 or so leaders to work as his equals, infighting ensued. For the protections of their reputations (and to demonstrate my dedication towards leaving old dirt in the PAST), names will not be mentioned.

Made me think, a couple of my own Paladins aren't exactly perfect, either. But I know deep down, they mean well. Still, part of the dawn of the Platinum Age means starting anew, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its previous life. I'm sure every individual has their figurative skeletons-in-closets they just wish they could leave buried by time. And I intend to grant that dream, if for no other reason than should my own issues mirror this same turmoil, the same mercy can be granted to me.
God...makes me think...but that's for another time, I hope.

Looking to the future, I hope to someday see Fort Nukerator rise up like the rest of the Lieutenants'! He talked about making a special Clan Realm for the Order of Paladins, and that Ace can properly fund himself in full. Finally, it's so nice having more than one rich Paladin. Maybe now the bulk of kids can stop asking *ME* for handouts and go to Ace instead! XD But seriously, I am confident he will make a fine Paladin!


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