Item gone from Forge

Hi, I found a new(I think it's new) bug, what is it? Product(s) from forge (only tested forge) will gone when there's squish-able block (Flower etc) in front of it.
Don't get it?
Then try this
First place a forge,
After that place a flower/geyser/footprint/slime splat/anything that squish-able,
Then place fuel in the forge,
And burn a trunk.


  • Dr. NeroDr. Nero Member
    edited October 2016
    It's a BUG, This happened to me too.
    But i found why and how is this happening to me.

    I am pretty sure that you have placed footprint in front of forge and your forge is getting stuck and won't drop anything, right?

    This is changed after last server restart.
    @CosmicCow you have to fix this!
  • CosmicCowCosmicCow Member
    edited October 2016
    Yes this is a bug to prevent people from blocking the entrance of the forge. But items like footprints shouldn't block. This will be fixed in the next server restart.
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