Need Help On Choosing Blocks And Set!

Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
⭐️Question 1⭐️
Iam going to build my house soon but
I don't know what blocks to choose for the wall
The floor is a persian rug (I have a lot of cotton stock ovo b)
But, i don't know what wall would it fit in
I also don't have a preference
Help me Please

⭐️Question 2 ⭐️
Iam having an Alt named "CubeAtles"
But, i need to know what other clothes should he put on
Clothes for now :
Red Shirt (Will not be replaced)
Blue Pants (Will Not Be Replaced)
Miner Helmet (Will be replaced)

I also don't have a preference what clothes shall he put on
P. s I don't want him to be a half/creature
You can suggest Any clothes (Except krampus, motley set, baloon, halo, and umbrella)

Thank you for reading/helping


  • Maybe a Roman helmet or a gargoyle mask those are what I use for my secret alt I use when I want to get away from people
  • elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember
    1: black bricks would look nice :3

    2: i thought about a dino mask, but thats still a half creature sadly, so maybe a swabbie?
  • Hmm

    1: Brick {there are lots brick...choose one you like}
    2: What are you going to use him for? Cause My alts wear outfit that I think correspond to what I use them for... and in that way I can use them for different tasks......
  • 1 red bricks?
    2 Since you don't like half creature make a dog out of him and wear coke bottled glasses or round black sun glasses :P
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