Need Characters For My Comic! [Full]

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So i realize, daughter of evil has some mature content for kids, Such as killing, Romance, Etc...

What iam gonna do now is create a new one with less mature content :3

I need 9 Characters

Heres the list :
Blue Haired Guy : Kaito, The village chief [] As : Elemental God

Brown Haired Women : Meiko, The Swords Women [] As : Lucaaa795 (The sword man xd)

The Long Powdered Hair & The Long braided Front hair thing : MAYU and IA, the baker sister [] MAYU as : Fluffy303 IA as: Swissy Dreamer (MAYU is a younger sister and IA is the opposite)

Long Purple Haired Man : Gakupo, the priest [] As : Miwky

The Green Haired Girl : Gumi, The Poetry [] As : Julie The Singing Cube

Pink Haired Girl : Luka, The Dancer [] As : Cubic Jess

Two Blonde haired brother and sister : Len (Big Brother) & Rin (Younger Sister) [] Rin As : PEgaming Len as : Enderwither (Twin Brother! O3o)
For the final one! *Drum Spins in the air*


Noone will take the main character :3 Ill just need to think of a name but, why not Try to think the name by you guys?

The Main character be:
*It will be the choosen one from Adventure Mode
*Genderless ("It")
*No Dumb name please
(Not Really required) Uncommon name xD
*Has to do with Cube/Cubic

I Already know the title of the comic but, don't wanna spoil it ;)

Type in the comment if ye want to be one of the characters

Well, that's for now, Ciao~


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