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Wild Kingdom.. a noble and fair kingdom. Its not one that many had heard of.. but that is because it is tucked in a valley not many can reach. I will though, tell you the tale of this kingdom, and maybe then you will want to join the ranks of our own and join the legacy of the ancients before us...

This date is when the kingdom was founded. At this point, it was the only kingdom in the area, and was ruled by a Council and had no kings. In 1755 BC, 45 years later, another kingdom became its neighbor, which the council was not pleased about. This Kingdom was known as Loyalandia, and had a strong army. In 1745 BC, King Chacoal, our first king was elected. In 1525 BC, many many years later, King Darius was elected to rule over Wild Kingdom. Things began to prosper. Later, Darius declared war on our neighbor, writing the Writ of War in 1520 BC, starting a long history of wars. Kings came and went. The most noteable was King Newblood. He was elected in 910 BC, and retired early due to war injuries in 840 BC. His sword, the Bloodhound, was forged in 905 BC, and can be found in the museum on display. Two towers fell within the kingdom outskirts: Mizark Tower and Alfand Tower. Alfand Tower fell in 500 BC. More about these can be found in the Wild Kingdom Museum.

A year ago, three new Queens were crowned. Queen Purple (PurpleDeerFox), Queen Kitty (Kittycute43), and Queen Sky (Pure Sky). Thus begins a new legacy... but our forefathers will never be forgotten..

"Hello! I am Queen Sky! I can't wait to welcome you to our ranks! We honor our bravest as Templars, but first you must be a Peasant. If you work hard, you will rise up the ranks. Consider joining our kingdom. I assure you that you will be taken care of and have a wonderful time in our ancient, beautiful land."

CLAN REALM: Tiny's Clan Realm

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