Naughty Elf for mod

I have only made a forum acc to tell u this and I have been friends with Naughty for a while now and I know it's not my place to say this but I genuinely feel as though making them a moderater would be a smart move because they are always helping new players and suggesting ways to improve the game. I know they would be a great addition to the team and really hope you take him into consideration. Thank you for reading this and I love the game regardless of whether you allow him to become one or not I just feel it would be the right choice.


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    Woah! I really do appreciate your kind words, I have had a few people say this to me. Obviously you have to understand that it is only the admins place to be and consider. Nevertheless, your comments made my day, OR my evening for that matter.
  • Create an alt, joins the forums, 2 minutes later posts. Never goes on the alt again.
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    JuIius said:

    Create an alt, joins the forums, 2 minutes later posts. Never goes on the alt again.

    I have been friends with Dark for a bit now and she has been there for me and we have been friends. I'm more than delighted that she is now on the forums because she is a good friend of mine, she helped me run Euphoria when I had the clan open. This post sprung upon me as a surprise. I don't like the fact that you assume things with no physical proof, these were very, very kind words and I appreciate them greatly.

    The reason I was skeptical when I saw this posted was the fact that people, such as yourself, would think this. Now I can't blame you for believing something but I really don't think it's necessary to assume something when you don't know the exact context of the situation, which does annoy me slightly. I've seen plenty of it before.

    I would NEVER, in the right mind, make a forum account to praise myself - first of all, that's quite strange and second of all, people can believe what they want. They don't need my word for it.

    If you have ever seen me in-game, sometimes, I will be doing parkour or building with Dark. I will tell you this from an honest perspective, Dark is a really good friend of mine and the fact that she made a forum account and made a discussion like this FOR ME is a good gesture, in my opinion. Making an account for that reason is a total waste of time, and I'm busy!

    The extent of a mod was maybe too far but I still believe that the things she said meant something.
  • -1 there are more helpful people than him but they are not mod.
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    The great thing about our community is that people can be helpful without a mod tag. All it takes is knowledge of the game, how to report issues to a mod or support and a willingness to help people in need. Of course, I'm not talking about giving out free stuff, anyone can do that. I'm talking about the people that answer questions about how things work in the game, tell people how to report issues or assist new players that are lost or in need of information and manage to do it all without mini modding.

    I'm sure many people would like to nominate friends for mod but that isn't how it works.
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