New Summer Features!

>New Suggestions For Summer Pack<

• Coconut bra
Partner of the Hula Dress. A coconut bra is what I'm thinking for the summer pack. It's like a pink/bra but coconut version.

• Hula dress

A leafy dress. This is the partner for the coconut bra. But, you can partner this with any tops!

• Single Flower Hat

Want a single flower hat? We always see flower crown though. I want the flower to be large so it's like attractive.

• New Sunglasses

Yup...Sunglasses. I want other colors of sunglasses. Can't explain too much because it's hard. It's doesn't look like the normal sunglasses in cc. Think of it :3

• Colored Water

Don't want a boring water? There will be colored water. You can dye the water any color dye you want. This is like te colored glass.

• Add More Bikini and Tankini Colors

I'm bored with te colors of it. Please add more colors and it would be more fun

• Shorts

It's hot in Summer. Why not add shorts? It's hot to wear pants. Sometimes, we don't want to wear some underwear/bikini bottom/ i don't know.


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